Brandon Marshall to the Packers?


Ok, we’re starting a rumor here. But both Brother Steve and I agree adding Marshall could be a huge plus. I’ve been borderline obnoxious re my desire to pick up a physically big WR over the years (even as recently as last year lobbying for Boldin), so it’s no surprise that I would lobby for Marshall. But he’s not just big, he is fast and has great hands (anyone see that Denver/Indy game last year when he broke the NFL record with 22 receptions)? Given our (brother Steve and I) obsession with the importance of creating mismatches for opposing defenses, it’s hard not to seriously consider Marshall. A WR group of Marshall, Jennings, Driver, Jones and Nelson would be out of control. Throw Finley in there and it wouldn’t matter if we had another weak pass-protecting O-Line because Rodgers would only need 1 second to just chuck it in the air and we’d have a TD on every play.

But what about Marshall’s attitude? Sure, I do believe he has a couple NFL discipline strikes against him already that makes him risky. But one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of these guys have issues like this earlier in their careers (think Randy Moss) and eventually they settle down and get busy trying to be the best. And, I think last year, while Marshall was being a bit of a wanker, the situation wasn’t helped by Josh McDaniels whose abrasive style may not wear well in Denver long term. But what about the likelihood that he’ll demand a massive contract? Concerning yes, but if the Pack were smart, as Brother Steve has suggested, they would consider making a bit of a splash now assuming things go uncapped, by securing the guys we feel will be contributors for the long haul (re-up Rodgers, sign Marshall, sign Collins, etc). Even if it requires spending more than we’d otherwise want to, it may be smart long-term investment-wise.

But again, the biggest reason we’re actually serious about this is because of the match-ups. Just think about it. Honestly, with Finley in there and maybe a more established threat to throw to RBs, defenses would have no chance. None.

9 Responses to “Brandon Marshall to the Packers?”

  1. CSS Says:

    Marshall wore out his welcome in Denver with ownership, coach and teamates. Shanahan had the same issues with him while coaching Denver and, privately, has said he won’t even consider bringing him to Washington. Cutler had similar sentiments while playing with Marshall in Denver and does NOT want to see him in Chicago.

    See a trend here? No, I wouldn’t touch the talented, self-centered little cancer with any offer whatsoever.

    • RAY Says:

      Do you have links backing up those claims. I have not heard Skelator or Cutler saying those things.

      When did Cutler say don’t bring him to Chicago?

      I don’t want him in GB because we have other needs but don’t like claims like this without documentation(links)

  2. Travis Says:

    Success keeps guys like Marshall happy. Look what it did to Moss. Record after record for the Patriots, himself, Brady etc, Moss had no problem and was happy. After multiple instances in the past where he’s been alot less happy and a lot more of a problem.

    Success. Thats what keeps these guys playing the game, having fun, and not being a problem. Green Bay – with Marshall would be a success.

    You have to look at the fact, we looked to be pretty locked up at WR since Jennings became a stud. But take a look at that for a minute.

    Driver won’t be around forever, and that will be a huge hit once he’s done. While he can still play, and teach and help the other WR, he won’t be here forever. So lets prepare and use him to help our other WR’s while we can.

    Rodgers is a great QB. Look at his numbers while running for the life (whether he held the ball too long or because of pitiful line play). Regardless it doesn’t matter, he ran for his life, got sacked play after play and put up top 5 QB numbers. And with an entire off season of work on pressure and quicker release, that will improve (and it would be great if the line improved too, or the bruises on my head from my fist won’t be going away anytime soon).

    My point is, the offense will be effective and one of the best. It will help the running game. More balance. Things are as smooth as butter and everything clicks.

    And this should translate to success – something that would keep Marshall from being a problem for us, and allow him to be a problem to any team he plays.

    So if we made this move, now what?

    O Line – regardless how well Rodgers can still do, it only takes one bad sack to end his season. Lets make it more solid and consistent.

    Defense – Linebackers are huge in 3-4. Get another Clay Matthews and think of the possibilities. But we can’t forget about Corner too. Woodson, Harris are aging. Woodson should be strong again this year, but Harris is starting to be unreliable in injuries, and possibly soon in play. We need a stud, for the future, and even for now. Lastly, to have a dominating safety would be heaven. It would finish the defense if we could put all these pieces together.

    Now I know not all of that could happen, but thats our ideal path. So lets get as close to that as possible, and playoffs for Packer fans may last a few weeks longer.

    And I know it could be a risk just with Marshall. But I can see it work, and while I can see it fail, I think its definately something that could be quite promising.

    I think this could be a year we do some stuff in Free Agency. Maybe Marshall, and maybe a key or two for the defense that I pointed out we need. And with the draft too, things could be quite good. So I’m excited to see what happens, but never would I be surprised to see very little happen.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i believe marshall’s been given a 1st round tender by denver. while on it’s face, giving up a who-knows 1st round pick for an unstoppable receiver seems like a no-brainer – we are in dire need of a stud on the o-line, and we’ve all seen how happy amazing receivers get when they have a nothing-qb throwing 3 feet behind them – which is what would happen if rodgers gets injured because we don’t get a talented giant to protect his blindside and quick.

    i say we sign marshall, lose our 1st round pick, then trade all our picks for 2 mid-late first rounders and draft two o-lineman. i started out writing that sentence as a complete joke, and within seconds, it seems like a not-so-bad idea.

    of course, none of this will happen. our gm will not make a splash. i won’t complain or rave about that at the moment.

  4. TheChoj Says:

    wow, just saw that the Browns have agreed to trade Corey Williams to the Lions. Remember when people were upset that TT traded him? Seems like forever ago

  5. Joe Says:

    Can he play left tackle? If not, move along.

  6. Ron La Canne Says:

    Bears have signed Chester Taylor and Julis Peppers. Rumors are they are trying to get Marshall and/or Taylor as well.

    With Peppers in the NFC, WE NEED A LT NOW – TT. If anyone thinks Clifton (who will pay big bucks for an old LT with two bad knees) will play a 16 game season without interuption is not dealing reality. Tauscher will have a hard time making all 16 too. GB’s backup tackles are crap (Barbre and Breno) and Lang has potential but is not a lock yet.

    Get the hell up TT it’s officially time to upcrade the O line and is has to be now.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    I meant and/or Bolden

  8. RAY Says:

    We have Jermichael Finley who can do what Marshall can do. We don’t need more WR’s.

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