Super Bowl Pick


Took me a while to figure out how this might turn out. I thought until about 2 hours ago that the Colts would take this one as Manning would will victory. But for some reason, I am going to make a last second switch. I think the Saints will be pumped up and the NO offense will have some really creative, difficult-to-defend plays that the will leave the Colts wondering.

One factor here could be the nerves of Drew Brees. Brees and the Saints managed to sneak by the Vikes but Brees seemed to me to be a bit nervous. If he comes out pumped and not afraid to make a mistake or two, the Saints could really roll. If he gets a little nervous and doesn’t commit on his throws, Manning and co will carve them up.

Saints 37, Colts 33 in a great Super Bowl.

One Response to “Super Bowl Pick”

  1. Cindy V Says:

    Low scoring first half. I will predict here that Peyton Manning will come out smoking this second half. Colts win. That said, I’m still cheering for the Saints.

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