Favre falls short again


Thoughts on the NO/MN game last night:

  • Gritty effort by both teams. The MN defense showed some serious heart in the second half by stuffing NO and doing their best to withstand the turnover barrage by their own offense.
  • Favre should have run on that 3rd and 15 play. I absolutely disagree with Mike and Mike in the morning ESPN radio who rejected this option out of hand saying it’s the QB’s job to look downfield for the pass. I reject that. Like happened a number of times in his last 6-7 years in Green Bay, Favre chose not to run when he could have. I understand that by moving toward the line of scrimmage typically, a QB can open up pass options because defenses usually then have to shift from thinking coverage to thinking about tackling the QB. But with Favre, nobody has to worry about him running because he never does. What Mike and Mike left out of their conversation this morning was the simple fact that even 5 yards there would have gotten the Vikes back to reasonable FG range for Longwell (50-52 yards). But Favre tried to squeeze one in there instead of thinking about picking up just a few yards. Mistake.
  • Favre’s interception was a bad one and frankly his overall not-good performance last night (though not a terrible one) lends some credence to the rumors that TT wanted Favre out because he didn’t believe Favre could win the big game anymore. (A rumor came out at one point during the 2008 controversy that TT decided after Favre no-showed in the huge 2007 regular season game at Dallas that he’d had it with Favre’s lack of mental strength in big games.) Well, in 3 of the last 7 years (2004 to present), Brett Favre has thrown costly interceptions in the waning minutes of big playoff games: 2004 at Philly, 2007 against NYG and 2010 at NO. Favre was certainly helped by his teammates and their fumbling last night to be sure, but his inability to execute or do something special in the bigger games has become characteristic of him. For sake of contrast, look at what Peyton Manning did to rally his team in the second half.
  • That said, the really costly penalty was the 12 men in the huddle penalty. An incredible failure on the part of the coaching staff – incredible failure. It took them out of realistic FG range (though again, Favre could have easily run for 5 yards to get right back into FG range).
  • That penalty against Ben Leber on TE David Thomas in overtime was a bad call. Unless I missed a certain camera view, he didn’t touch Thomas – whether the pass was catchable or not was not the issue – the issue was that he didn’t touch Thomas.
  • Garrett Hartley’s FG may have been good from 95 yards.
  • Drew Brees looked jittery out there – nervous.
  • Sean Payton made a tough decision in overtime to go for it on 4th and 1. Sure it was the sensible thing to do at the opponent’s 40 yard-line, but in a game like that, with a failure meaning you’d give the ball to a strong offense at their own 40, it took guts. That’s why I like Sean Payton – he was ready to take the heat for that decision. But interestingly, even before the delay for a measurement before the play, Payton clearly had already decided to go for it. Chances are, because he’s a good coach, he’d probably already considered the possibility of a 4th and short and had already decided he’d go for it back before 3rd down if it came to that. Nicely done coach.
  • Last night, I found myself rooting hard for the Saints. Not only do I just like the Saints as a team, I didn’t want to see Favre go to the Super Bowl. It’s interesting to me that I can go from loving the guy like I did, to rooting so hard for a team opposing Favre – I agree with reader theChoj who said it he found himself rooting almost as hard for the Saints last night as he roots for the Packers.
  • Quality, quality Super Bowl coming up. These two teams are going to play a tough, fast game that will be really exciting. And both deserve to be there.

33 Responses to “Favre falls short again”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    Is it possible that the same way that Favre’s swagger lifted this team all regular season his tightness in big games somehow fed through to the rest of the team here? Maybe I am just reaching for a way to put what looked like a total team collapse on Favre. Truth is, I think Chilly has to take the blame for the debacle to end regulation. they got to the 33 with a minute left and, like so many coaches in the NFL who have apparantly never seen a kicker miss from 45+ in a big spot, Chilly seemed to be playing for the FG from that spot, which left them vulnerable to the stupid substitution penalty (following a timeout no less- that was Lovie-esque!) and then the Favre mistake that killed them.

    Also, Adrian Peterson is an absolute beast and he scares me as an opposing player, but man does he seem like a jerkoff. yapyapyap. we know you’re great, just shut up already and hold onto the football.

    So glad that while Brent has maybe a year left in him, Chilly is locked up for long term. He really seems to not have much of a grip on his team, and that sort of chaos shows up in big moments.

    Anyone else have the random thought that, ironically, Favre might have made the play that Rodgers missed to end the Cardinals game (jennings wide open) and Rodgers almost certainly would have made the play that Favre didn’t (scramble for 5-10 yards on that last INT) . . . no point to that observation, just a wierd sort of symmetry.

    The future looks brighter for the Pack!

  2. Rich Beckman Says:

    I was also struck by the fact that the 12 men in huddle penalty came right after a time out (how does that happen?!?!). In fact, in the last camera shot of Brent before the penalty it looked to me like he was trying to call a time out and I was sure the penalty was for calling two time outs without an intervening play.

    That penalty reminds me of how the current GB QB down after down stays out of the huddle until the substitutions are done and their are only ten guys there. Aaron is very disciplined.

    Ray, an interesting observation in your last paragraph.

  3. JR Says:

    I really enjoyed the game last night and it made my year to see favre choke, AGAIN Ha HA.
    I am of the opinion that Favre should be banned from the Green Bay Hall of Fame, yes of course he will be a automatic election to the NFL Hall of Fame but he is a traitor to Green Bay and did the one thing that is unforgatable, playing for rival Minnesota. Favre leaving and playing for the Vikings is an unforgivenable Sin in Green Bay. I would have supported Favre if he would have played with anyone else except Minnesota. Green bay is a special NFL team and has supported Favre through his addiction years, and his stupid boneheaded plays he has made over and over again.
    The real story here is Favre only went to New York to bide his time before he could play for Minnesota and secretly was talking with Childress all along. This is and has always been about revenge for being told to take a hike by Thomson and McCarthy. Favre was pushed out because he thought that he was the one who should be running the team and did not have to listen to his coaches because he thought he was to big of a star to listen to them. His head got huge because with Favre it’s all about him and has always been about him. Will he come back? WHO Cares.

  4. Rich Beckman Says:


    Geez, I can’t believe I did that.

  5. Gbpfan Says:

    Favre spent two years building up to last night, and he threw it away, just like before. This has got to be emotionally and physically devastating for him, and I will not be surprised if it forces him into retirement next year.

  6. goodeggblogger Says:

    Best (new)Favre youtube clip

  7. sfhayes Says:

    RayMidge writes:
    “Favre might have made the play that Rodgers missed to end the Cardinals game (jennings wide open) and Rodgers almost certainly would have made the play that Favre didn’t (scramble for 5-10 yards on that last INT) . . . no point to that observation, just a wierd sort of symmetry.”

    That is brilliant. Exactly right. I’m comforted by the fact that Rodgers will make the throw that he missed more often than not…

  8. Trav Says:

    Just saw this posted at JSOnline and listened to the audio. Love the Detroit/Super Bowl comment.


  9. Tom Freeman Says:

    Ray does make an interesting observation, and he is probably right. (Not that we have not seen Favre overthrow a wide open guy, but yes, it is a good assumption that he would have made that throw, as he did in the Monday nighter against Denver a couple of years ago.) I always thought that you had to take the bad with the good with Favre, but also wished that we could dial back his gambling style just a single notch. That pass last night was a perfect illustration. If he was just one notch lower on the gunslinger scale, he would have realized that was a bad idea.

  10. Dude Says:

    Favre overthrew many wide open receivers last night. I have no reason to believe he would have completed that pass to Jennings. Favre is 0-3 with 3 game killing picks in playoff OT games and 0-44 in games down by 17 or more. I dont think for a second that he wins that AZ game.

    12 men in the huddle penalty. In just about every GB game this year Rodgers stepped away from the huddle until the appropriate players were present. The QB is the leader of the huddle – part of that penalty last night is on Favre. If not for 12 men it would have been for a second timeout called – both 5 yard penalties.

  11. Tom Freeman Says:

    Dude – Not sure where the “3 game killing picks in playoff OT games” comes from, but it is clearly wrong. Seattle @ GB, 1-4-04, GB 33-27 in OT. http://www.packers.com/gameday/2004/01-04/

  12. Tom Freeman Says:

    Sorry, the 3 game killing picks part is right (Philadelphia, 1-11-04, Giants, 1-20-08, Saints, 1-24-10). It is the 0-3 that I meant to correct.

  13. Dude Says:

    2007 NFC Championship – Pick in OT
    2004 at Philly – Pick in OT
    2009 at NO – OT game – pick to send it to OT

    I realize that he didnt throw a pick IN OT last night but right before end of regulation.

    This is why I wrote “picks in playoff OT games” and not picks in OT.

  14. Dude Says:

    right – 1-4

  15. 56coop Says:

    Loved the Favre doing something stupid with the football video. Took me 10 tries to get it paused on that chick.

    12 men in the huddle–after a time out. Really?

    And Chilly has 2 more years. Looks good for the Pack.

    Tom–Philly 2004, Giants 2007 & last night. 3 game killing OTpicks.

  16. Kozak Says:

    Here’s hoping the Viking fans getting the full Favre treatment, will he or won’t he next year…….

  17. Kozak Says:


  18. Trav Says:

    Kozak – It already started.


  19. Gary Says:

    Geez what with all these whining loser Packers’ fans! The Vikings did NOT lose the game because of Farve’s mistakes. His backs fumbled the ball SIX times and thats the ONLY reason the Saints won that game. Farves’ interception at the end of regulation was worth the ‘shot’ since they were out of field goal range and needed to pick up positive yards.

    The Packers defense sucked trying to stop old Curt Warner and i strongly suspect Farve would have had an even better day against your secondary!

  20. foundinidaho Says:

    It’s Kurt Warner. Just so you know.

  21. PackerBelle Says:

    Maybe Favre would have had a field day with the Packer secondary. But that doesn’t matter because he wasn’t playing the Packers.

    Yes, the entire Viking team contributed to the loss but Favre’s bad decision prevented them being able to take the lead and the win. He was suppossed to be the reason they won the Super Bowl. Instead he was a primary factor in their loss.

    • Ben Says:

      It was a team loss. Did Favre throw a bad interception at a crucial time, yes. But, I mean, he also got them into field goal range before the 12 man penalty. And he lead 4 long drives for scores, two of them on a bum ankle. There were a lot of things that contributed to that loss, and Favre was certainly one of them. And its got to be eating him alive right now.

      • PackerBelle Says:

        Favre was partially responsible for the 12 man penalty. As QB he shouldn’t even step into the huddle until all substitutions have been made. He also tried to call a back-to-back time out. Those are both mistakes a veteran shouldn’t make.

        Yes, it was a team loss but Favre did what he has done a lot – he took a winnable situation, threw a stupid pass that ultimately resulted in a loss.

  22. Campbell Says:

    Unlike some of you, I’m not consumed with irrational hatred re Favre and can appreciate what I consider one of his most courageous games without foaming at the mouth at his failure.

    But hey, enjoy the moment, hug yourselves with glee. And what’s even better..we can look forward to a top 5 QB in Rodgers. Nah, strike that..a top 3 QB. whose going to win us multiple SB’s in the future. He never makes a mistake, has spectacular stats, and he wins!..except of course when he faces Favre, so here’s hoping the geezer does not return to MN. But if he doesn’t…Aaron’s guys are a shoo-in for the division..NO excuses.

    It’s odd.. not a word about the beating the Saints gave Favre, in direct contrast to the constant whine and breast beating re AR’s sacks.

    Favre despisers really show their colors, but you really have to let him go.

    It’s about the Packers..not him

    • PackerBelle Says:

      When Favre plays for a division rival, what he does affects the Packers. I was rooting for the Saints more because I wanted the Vikings to lose. Favre’s INT was nice but I just wanted to avoid two weeks of OMG!VIKINGSINTHESUPERBOWL! from the local media.

      As for it being a ‘courageous game’ from Favre, I could really care less. In my mind with professional athletes, if you are on my team I root for you, if you seem like a good guy and play for another team I’ll passively root for you if it doesn’t hurt my team, and if you are a jerk I’m rooting against you unless you winning helps my team. I personally think Favre is a very talented jerk. And so regardless of what team he’s one I don’t root for jerks unless it helps the Pack – and with the Vikings there really isn’t much room for him to win and the Packers to not be hurt.

      As for your comments about Rodgers, no one has annointed him the best QB ever. In fact most people have commented on some of his flaws – he holds the ball to long and as a result gets sacked, he starts games slowly which can lead to us getting in a large hole. But on the whole he has more upside than Favre. He’s younger and has more room to improve while being just as good as Favre is now, he’s willing to put in the off-season work, he tries to be a team leader, he’s more of a danger running, etc. Yes, right now he’s more of a stats guy rather than a winner. Part of that is him, part of that is the defense but it is something that needs to get fixed. If he doesn’t trust me there will be comments.

      As for bitching about Favre getting hit, Favre isn’t a Packer anymore. Just like I don’t get concerned if Tom Brady, Payton Manning, Mark Sanchez or any other QB gets hit I’m not going to get concerned with Favre getting hit. Trust me, Viking fans are doing enough complaining about it as it is – they don’t need my help. And at least on this site, our focus was more on the fact that it was a blatant pulling on the facemask that the league refuses to acknowledge rather than the fact that it could have affected the outcome. When you let the other team score as many points as our defense gave up you can’t expect to win easily.

      I notice that most of the time when you make (for lack of a better term) pro-Favre comments you feel the need to make negative comments about Rodgers which I think odd. I can praise Rodgers without mentioning Favre. Rodgers is the Packers QB and Favre is the Vikings QB. We may not be making the same comments if Jackson or Rosenfels was the Vikings QB but there would still be a lot of comments regardless. Instead of talking about Favre once again throwing an INT we’d be talking about how Jackson was Childress’ hand picked QB who is wildly inconsistent. Rosenfels we’d probably be talking about how he gets inside his own head so much.

      Just like we talk about Cutler we’ll talk about Favre. They are the QBs for our biggest rivals. It is going to happen. Favre and his departure from the Packers adds another element, but is far from the only reason he and his struggles get mentioned here.

      • Campbell Says:


        I appreciate your well reasoned response, but why devote so much time, energy and space to my pithy post? It really didn’t warrant that much overload and should have been ignored.

        Favre got his just dnouemont, tossing success into devastating defeat, and as his habit, right in primetime.
        He’s not afraid.

        I’m just curious as to why most Packer fans derive so much joy, entertainment, satisfaction and ardent interest from Favre failures than Packer wins. Look at the tv ratings in Milwaukee. It’s more than just good old-fashioned healthy schadenfreude and frankly..a little weird.

        Re Rodgers, I don’t care one way or another. I wish him success, but I don’t think he’s a winning QB. He’ll probably break all sorts of passing records at the Pro-Bowl (500yds and 6 tds in the first quarter) and it will be “all sound and fury, signifying nothing” In a similar vein, those words sum up the Packer defense, which morphed into one-ply toilet tissue when it really counted.

        But..as I wrote previously…revel in the moment. Given all the terrible things this horrible Favre person did to all the wonderful Packer faithful..this rapture will probably endure for eons.

        Btw, Favre is the NFL’s Phoenix, and regeneration is always possible.

        Pardon me while I grin…widely.

  23. PackerBelle Says:

    Campbell, when I’m waiting for things at work to run that take upwards of an hour there are a minimal amount of things I can do while I’m waiting. Packer news is one of them.

    What does it matter if Favre isn’t afraid to throw a stupid pass in primetime? It doesn’t change the outcome of the pass or the game.

    Packer fans, and sports fans in general, tend to enjoy seeing guys with a bit too much ego get taken down a notch. How many people had just as much enthusiasm after the Patriots lost to the Giants in the SB last year? Most of the people I know. Or how about when the Vikings went 15-1 and lost in the NFCC to the Falcons? I would bet the number and tone of the comments were similar. Favre being who he is in relationship to the Packers adds another layer but it’s like the frosting rather than the cake itself.

    As for Rodgers, frankly Favre put up great numbers and great memories but only won one SB – and that win was as much due to Reggie White as to Brett Favre. Will Rodgers be as good? We don’t know. But he has far more upside and he’s actually willing to work on his flaws. He worked on holding the ball too long as the season progressed and got better. Tell Favre work on not doing what did last Sunday? I highly doubt he’d do the same.

    Favre may regenerate but I doubt it. Since SB XXXII he’s won a total of four playoff games – all of them at home and two of them against the Seahawks. That isn’t one bad year, or a couple, that is a lot of bad years in terms of play offs. And despite having the most talented team he’s ever been on this year and playing one of his best years ever, he still couldn’t win more than one playoff game. I tend to doubt that he’s going to be able to do better.

    • Campbell Says:


      I’ve been thoroughly admonished, so let’s end it there. The whole thing is unimportant, and no-one should care what I think. I’m sorry Favre was such a loser/jerk in GB. I guess he set all those records with another team. He shouldn’t be allowed in the Packer HoF much less Canton.


      Just because you were kind enough to ask, my full name is Grimhilde Gesundheit Campbell. There is a “Bob” in the family, but we no longer recognise him. I hope that wasn’t “condescending” on my part.

      Adios Packergeeks, stay as jejeune as always and never lose that heartwarmingly phoney “True Packer Fan” spirit.

      Go Pack Go!…but do you ever wonder just how far Aaron will take you?

      • Dude Says:

        “but do you ever wonder just how far Aaron will take you?”

        Nope. He may be your type though.

      • PackerBelle Says:

        Campbell, no one has said Favre shouldn’t be in the Packer Hall of Fame or the NFL Hall of Fame. He gave us an awful lot of great memories, and I”m grateful for those.

        But being grateful for 16 years of good memories doesn’t mean that I have to overlook Favre’s behavior over the past two years.

        As for wondering how far Rodgers will take us, to be honest I haven’t. I’m a Packer fan because I enjoy supporting the team. I’d love for them to win the SB every year but it isn’t something I think about all that often. I just like getting to follow the news and games. I think that Rodgers has the ability to get us far – he was largely responsible for getting us back from a 21 point deficit in the Cardinals play off game, but football is a team game and one player can’t do it all. Rodgers has comported himself well, the team seems to view him as a leader, he has good composure on field and he has a lot of talent. I don’t think you can ask more out of a QB than that.

  24. Dude Says:


    Spare us your condescension (Is your name “Bob”?)

    You make a big mistake in your comments in that you dont know your audience. Football is an emotional game. Fans are emotional as well. Some more than others. If you dont understand someones happiness or joy at others defeat then you really shouldnt be commenting.

  25. Dude Says:

    Speaking of the Probowl:

    Vikings will have 10 players at the probowl – 12 of them will be in the huddle.

  26. Cindy V Says:

    Supposedly Bus Cook sent pictures of Brett’s injuries. This from msnbc.com

    Bus Cook reveals pictures of Favre’s injuries
    Posted by Evan Silva on February 2, 2010 5:21 PM ET
    The injuries Vikings quarterback Brett Favre suffered in the NFC Championship game apparently weren’t fake.

    Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, showed photos of Favre’s right hamstring and left ankle to Rick Cleveland of the Clarion-Ledger. (Yeah, we’re assuming this is Favre, and not just some guy.)

    Cleveland posted them on his blog.

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