NFC/AFC Championship games

  • NYJ @ Indy. I have been extra critical of Rex Ryan this year because I find him obnoxious, arrogant and generally unpleasant. But he’s doing something right by getting this team to play at its potential. Problem for the NYJ is that I can’t help but think their potential won’t be enough against the Colts. Everyone is talking about the Colts’ offense and the Jets’ defense, the Jets’ running game, the Colts’ passing game. But few are talking about the Colts’ defense. Yes, the NYJ’s O-Line has been phenomenal, having their way with both the Cincy and SD D-Lines. But the Colts defense is a bit underrated and while the match-up on paper would appear to favor the physical o-line of the Jets over the speed-emphasized d-line (and defense) of the Colts – I think the Colts’ D will be the story in this game. They will be the first to take calculated chances by putting 8-9 in the box to shut down the run. I know I said it last week, but at some point, Mark Sanchez is going to get back into the interception-throwing game. The Jets are good and must be given due credit for getting this far. But Manning and co will be too much.  Colts 27 – Jet 13.
  • MN @ NO. It’s hard for me to be objective here because, as a Packer fan, I just want MN to get crushed. Hate the Vikings. But with Favre playing and pulling all this “I don’t have alnything left to prove” crap again this week, I REALLY REALLY want the Saints to blow away the Vikes. I happen to like the Saints anyway because I really like Sean Payton – in my opinion, one of the top 4 coaches in the NFL. But this could be a decent game. My guess is that at least for the first 2-3 quarters, this will be more of a defensive game than people are anticipating. In fact, like the Colts’ D, I wonder if the story of this game will also be the thing nobody is talking about: the Saints’ D. The Vikes’ D is quality, but the Saints’ D has had its moments this year – led by Gregg Williams. And, importantly, no safety in the game knows Brett Favre better than Darren Sharper. It’s hard for me to imagine this game ending without some kind of Darren Sharper interception/big play. (Of course, Sharper’s tackling-angles still aren’t top-notch, so he could make a “big-play” the other way too.) At the very least, this should be a fun game to watch with guys like Percy Harvin and Reggie Bush showing massive athleticism. Saints 34 – Vikes 20.

17 Responses to “NFC/AFC Championship games”

  1. Gbpfan Says:

    Interesting picks. I don’t think the Jets have much of a chance, but I thought that about the last few games. I think with the way the Jets are playing, it could go either way in Indy.

    Go Pack Go!

  2. George Says:

    Agreed, Sean Payton rulez, it’s one of main reasons that I like Saints.

  3. Travis Says:

    Would of been really cool if Saints and Colts both were undefeated and made it to the superbowl. It was actually possible.. so it’s quite a shame.

    If Colts win, I’m unhappy. They just recently won, and as good as Manning is, I’m not a fan.

    If Jets win, I’d be proud of what they accomplished and everything they’ve done, but hell do I ever want to hear Rex Ryan for the next year. It won’t be good cause as bad as it is now, it definately won’t get any better if they won the superbowl. But I would be proud if Sanchez played 2 great games of football at a caliber QB level.

    If Minnesota wins, that is disappointing. Never want to see your rival win. And its not even as much about Favre as most people, because I still like him, but not for the side stuff. I think he’s a great player, and everything he did for us was special. I don’t like him helping the Vikings, or the side shows he puts on, but as a player, I like him just like I used to. It’s one of those sticky situations. It is great to see from a skill level how well he has played at his age, but to see the purple win the superbowl would be a shame. And I don’t think Favre deserves a depressing moment like in 07 to happen in OT tomorrow or in the superbowl or anything, but either way its not good.

    As for the Saints. I think Brees deserves a superbowl for what he’s done. And I do like Sean Payton. But in terms of Brees, the way he’s played last couple years have been great, and he just can throw the ball to anyone eligible to catch the football. He gets it done and I wouldn’t be against him deserving a Superbowl ring this year.

  4. mark Says:

    im with you on Manning its like hes too calculated -yeah thats a good trait but i like gunslingers- its more fun to watch – it seems A-Rog could be the best of those two worlds-im really happy and exited about having another great QB my only concern is if we start winning will the coaches hold back too much-they dont have to with him and they shouldnt- yet ive seen them do that this past year-i mean when are coaches gonna get it- when youre in the lead the other team expects you to run-fuck that do the unexpected we have the talent!

  5. Trav Says:

    Took 18 games, but the back breaking pick finally emerged. Across his body, off his back foot, to the middle of the field. (After that boneheaded penalty).

    Sorry Chilly…back to the drawing board.

    Vikings fans – Welcome to how the 2007 NFC Championship game felt.

  6. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:


    i hope the vikes trade him to the bears for any of the draft picks they have left in the next 3 years after mortgaging their future for that jackass cutler.

    i hope the queens enjoy the off-season circus. they’ve earned it.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    Bent seems to have developed a habit in NFC Championship games hasn’t he? I am a Happy Guy right now. That will hurt more than a Saint blow out. It was all his fault again. Breakout the tractor.

  8. TheChoj Says:

    i was more nervous watching that game than I think I was watching the AZ game! And I was at the AZ game! SO GLAD the Vikes and the Vike fans get to feel what we all felt a couple of years ago…and for yet another year, the Minnesota trophy case stays empty!

  9. Ron La Canne Says:

    Think the Queenies boys will be back tonight? Bent uses one of his favorite OT plays. A pass to the other team. I swear his was bawling on the sideline.

    Guess the Queenies won’t be getting their new stadium. And just how many7 tire patches can that place hold? The LA Vikings? Has a ring to it.

  10. Keefer Says:

    I’m super happy that the Vikes lost. I don’t agree that the pick was anything like the January 2008 pick in terms of impact. The 12 men in the huddle hurt them most. Perhaps if he’d run instead of passing they could have had a shot with Longwell. Nonetheless it was great to see the INT (oh how I wish it had been run back for 6!!!). Most of all I’m just glad it’s all over (for this season)!

  11. foundinidaho Says:

    HA! HA! HA!

    I can’t say more. I’m just too damn happy.

  12. mark Says:

    i predict he will return next year- the int he threw against the Giants was not the way he wants to end his career- but there wont be a circus-they’ll wait him out – mike and ted (dumb and dumber) didnt want him anymore thats what started the circus we got.

  13. mark Says:

    or hell maybe they knew he would do that again maybe theyre smart and smarterer heh heh

  14. Cindy V Says:

    Posted on my facebook page last night during the game:

    Favre on the ground, Favre on the ground, looking like a fool with Favre on the ground…helmet turned sideways, turf in his mouth, looking like a fool with Favre on the ground!!

  15. Cindy V Says:

    Okay. Here’s how to explain the Packer/Brett thing for non-football fans.
    There’s a chick named Packerette who had a long term relationship with a guy, Brett. But he had his “cheatin’ ways (blowing big games with interceptions). So Packerette dumps Brett. For two years she’s been told by friends and family that she made a mistake. So now Brett is with a new chick (Viqueen). He’s taking her out to a big dance, but gets caught doing his cheatin’ thing. Packerette feels vindicated. Viqueen will wait with baited breath to see if Brett will dump her or not.

  16. PackerBelle Says:

    I have to say I’m happy that the Vikings lost. Did not want to put up with two weeks of OMG!Favreisageless!goingtowintheSB! that I would have gotten had the Vikings won.

    Do think the Vikings lost the game more than the Saints won it. 5 turnovers and MN still had a chance to win? Not the Saints best game. But I’ll be rooting for them in Miami.

    Now of course the ‘fun’ starts for Viking fans – will Favre come back or won’t he? And if comes back will he play as well given that they will likely have a tougher schedule.

  17. Geoffrey Govostes Says:

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