Favre, Vikes no class


Unbelievable that the Vikes just went for it on 4th down with 2 minutes left being up by 24. Absolutely no class. I know this is the playoffs and you don’t ever want to give your opponent even the smallest opening. But that was ridiculous – especially on 4th down. While Dallas has played like crap and they don’t deserve any sympathy here, that was poor sportsmanship.

24 Responses to “Favre, Vikes no class”

  1. Kozak Says:

    Here’s hoping the Karma Gods repay the Queens and Faaavvvrrreeee
    next week.

  2. Ben Says:

    Favre doesn’t call the plays, we all figured that out a couple weeks ago. Really, the headline should have been “Childress, Vikes no class.” But I guess that isn’t as sexy.

    • Ken Says:

      Baloney. Favre does whatever he wants. Childress is a gutless coward whom Favre controls, that’s why Favre called Minnesota a “perfect fit”. He knew he would get his way, unlike in Green Bay.

  3. mark Says:

    i think if they kicked the FG then that would be no class- running a play is not a sure thing and hey Dallas should have stopped it man- no lawyer ball play til the clock runs out or leave the field.

  4. mark Says:

    speaking of game plans- why dont the chargers ever throw down the field till theyre down by 2 scores in the end of a game-stupid- they always play way too conservative.

  5. Cindy V Says:

    It was classless. I was surprised Favre was still in the game with 5 minutes remaining and the game, for all intents and purposes, was over. And then to score a touchdown on 4th down like that. Totally unnecessary.

  6. bucky Says:

    The football gods will have their revenge. So sayeth TMQ.

  7. foundinidaho Says:

    I would say that since Chilly and Judas got into it about Judas changing plays…it could very well have been Judas insisting – he seems to get his way.

    And yes, they are both classless jerks who deserve each other.

    Methinks there COULD be a perfect Super Bowl involving Judas…he gets there and either a) the Jets kick teh Vikes’ asses or…even better…the Vikes lose to the Jets on a last minute desperation interception by you know who. That, indeed, would be the football gods (and “true” Packer fans) having their revenge.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:

    That ending was certainly unexpected. Is it too late to rush a large annoying horn to N.O. so the Saints fans can blow it constantly. We’ll get to see how well Bent can handle the Offense with the crappy Super Dome holding the noise level up while he tries to be mister ball manager. I can’t wait til they move that franchise to LA.

  9. campbell Says:

    Aw…we are REALLY cranky tonight..

  10. Ben Says:

    “True” Packer fans are now instructed to root for a Jets victory over the Vikings in the SB.

    Wait a sec, I thought “True” Packer fans were supposed to be mad at Rex Ryan for his comments about Charles Woodson?

    Just like I thought “True” Packer fans were never supposed to root for the Cowboys?

    Man, this all gets so confusing when the Packers get knocked out of the playoffs…

  11. Neal Says:

    With the Vikes heading into Voodo territory things could get ugly.

    What comes around goes around….

  12. foundinidaho Says:

    Ben, I am a “true” Packer fan and I wouldn’t presume to tell someone else what to think…just sharing my opinion. Which is what this spot is about, I suspect. Please feel free to share your own, whatever it might be.

    And what Neal said.

    • Ben Says:

      Well, I’m a Packer fan who is rooting for Favre to play well. Whether the Vikings win or lose doesn’t really bother me.

  13. Dan Says:

    An espn sportsnation poll asks this question. Nationwide, 81% says that play was part of the game 19% thinks it’s unsportsmanlike. In Texas about 60% thought it’s part of the game and 40% thought it was unsportsmanlike.

  14. awhayes Says:

    For the record – I would have written this same post if something like this had happened in any of the other games. Had nothing to do with Favre being the one who did it. Just don’t think it was very respectful.

  15. Bob the Outsider Says:

    Kind of like the classless time out called by the Pacjers with two seconds left in the halftime Bears/Packers game, after the Bears took a knee.
    What was that ?

  16. Dave in Tucson Says:

    On the one hand, I agree it was classless for the Vikings to be throwing in that situation (whether it was Favre or Childress who made the decision doesn’t really matter).

    On the other hand, my sympathy for the Cowboys’ embarrassment is just about 0.0.


  17. Aaron Nagler Says:

    Oh my god. What is this, Tiddlywinks? That play was great. Screw the Cowboys.

    It’s freekin’ football people.

  18. Gbpfan Says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with the call. If they hadn’t gone for it, Dallas could have scored, and started a new momentum going. Anything can happen in a football game. And, honestly, I don’t mind seeing the Cowboys get a dressing down. Cool blog by the way.

    Go Pack Go!

    • PackerBelle Says:

      I think the issue is that up by 24, the Cowboys needed either 3 TDs and a FG or 3 TDs with 3 2-point conversions to tie or 4 TDs to win and with only 2 minutes remaining the odds of that happening were slim to none. Going for it on 4th down basically is rubbing salt in the wound.

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