NFL Playoff Preview – Round 2

  • AZ @ NO. This should be a great game. A few days ago, after the Packers lost to AZ in the highest scoring playoff game in NFL history, I predicted this game would be another huge scoring affair. Suddenly, I’m starting to think that won’t be the case. There will be a fair amount of points, but nothing like the GB/AZ game. NO will be fresh and AZ will be tired. So I expect the game to play out accordingly. Some good scoring by both teams in the first 3 quarters until AZ gets tired. Then, NO will continue scoring and AZ won’t. NO 34-24 .
  • Balt @ Indy. It’s hard to bet against Balt. John Harbaugh gets those guys to play for him and play hard. (Though I have to say, John Harbaugh is starting to be one of those coaches who seems to always be sporting a “that’s-a-BS-call” look on his face.) Like the Jets though, I just have this feeling that the over-reliance on the running game will catch up with them and eventually lead to them getting blown out. Whenever a team has a quality run game, clock control and a strong defense can lead to nice victories yes, but rarely by big margins. For Balt, I think their secondary will struggle to defend Manning’s passing attack and at some point, in order to catch up, Balt will have to pass. They will succeed at first because Flacco isn’t bad and Derrick Mason is a quality older dude. But by the end of the 3rd quarter, Indy will have taken control. The big question in this game might be: what disparaging remarks will Ray Rice make about the city of Indianapolis after the bitter loss? Indy 38, Balt 16.
  • NYJ @ SD. This one is a bit tough for me to be objective about because I’m developing a strong dislike for Rex Ryan and I want the guy to lose. I think the Jets are tough and could play SD tough for the first half. But SD is better and they are a more complete team. They have been on an incredible roll and I just can’t see the NYJ coming in with their clock-control game style and sticking it to high-flying SD. At some point, Mark Sanchez is going to screw up. As a coach, you can offer your full faith and confidence in a player all you want but when the player hasn’t yet developed his own foundation of confidence you might be building false confidence that could wind up collapsing in a heap. If I were a Jets’ fan, I would worry right now that Mark Sanchez and the Jets are like a skyscraper being built up bigger and bigger, but with a questionable foundation. I can just see Rex Ryan obnoxiously yelling “the sky is the f-ing limit…the f-ing limit” – then eating an extra meal. If they pull this one out, that foundation might fortify yes. But I think it’s far more likely that they get crushed here exposing a foundation that may in fact need a lot of work in the coming years. SD 37, NYJ 17.
  • Dal @ MN. Very interesting situation because this game features 2 QBs who have been great this year, but who also have a history of chunking it in big games – throwing a few picks. Neither has had an atrocious game this year but both are certainly capable of it. Keys will be the Dallas pass rush. If Ware is contained, this could end up being a long, long day for Dallas (possible blowout). But if he’s not, Favre could fumble/throw picks and make this a game. In the end, I hate to say it, but I can see Favre and company winning mostly because the Dallas’ offense will get stuck when their running game goes nowhere. Also, fun match-up to watch will be Antoine Winfield on Miles Austin. Winfield is still hurting, but if he’s any healthier after having a week off, he could be a big reason the Dallas offense gets stuck. Definitely be on the lookout for the down-14-not-sure-what-the-hell-to-do-now look from Wade Phillips in this one. MN 27, Dal 14.

10 Responses to “NFL Playoff Preview – Round 2”

  1. foundinidaho Says:

    Sigh. Is it bad that I no longer give a damn about anything to do with the playoffs except for Judas losing?

  2. Keefer Says:

    “Go Cowboys” (for this week ONLY!)

  3. Travis Says:

    Ah not sure how you can say that, some good matchups this week for sure.

    Obviously the Ravens played very well last week, but have quite the matchup this week for sure. It will be interesting to see if they can matchup to the Colts and give them a run for their money. Could be close, or the Colts may just prove its going to take alot to be beat.

    Jets played magnificent last week, but Bengals really didn’t seem to show up. Chargers have rested, and while we have clearly seen momentum didn’t work into the post season, we will see if rest will. Rest vs momentum as Jets come in confident and played well. I can’t see the Chargers losing, but I think it should be a game, to a point.

    NFC games will be the best I think. Saints vs Cards should be quite the matchup. If Arizona shows up and plays defense like last week, Saints will win. Arizona will be able to battle at first due to their high power offense, but the Saints have a good enough defense to eventually find a way to stop the Cards, and that is the difference maker. Cause if Cards don’t show up on defense, they have no chance of stopping Brees, and if they actually show up and play good D, they still might not be able to stop Brees.

    Dallas and Minnesota will be a good game. I’m not a fan of Dallas but to see our rival continue on isn’t something I’d look forward to either. Best to luck to Favre, I’ll give him some credit because of what he gave Green Bay for 16 years, but I don’t like to see Minnesota succeed. Minnesota capped the year very strong, but Dallas is taking down every opponent with ease in the last few games. I am very excited for this game, and we also could be expecting the annual post season choke from the Cowboys this week. And thats always worth a laugh, especially when the cameras show us Wade’s face.

    And I just wanted to put this out there. I was talking to my buddy today about the Cowboys and saying basically “you think they’ll choke again this year?” and I basically stated that well I think it would be hilarious considering Romo is back to holding, that if they made it to the superbowl with 2 seconds left down 2, and he bobbles the snap and they lose the game. I’d feel bad for Romo, but I couldn’t imagine a more ironic and hilarious situation.

  4. mark Says:

    Im with “foundinidaho” i coudnt care less about football till the draft!

  5. Keefer Says:

    Cowboys choking history vs. Vikings choking history…it could be a close game!

    • Kozak Says:

      With the playoff history of both teams this one may end up with them both loosing…

      There is something wrong with the Universe when I find myself rooting for Dallas against, you know who……

  6. awhayes Says:

    Good points Keefer/Kozak. I was thinking the best case scenario would be for both weak coaches to each violate a major rule making both teams have to forfeit – making the AZ/NO winner NFC champ.

  7. maggie's_girl Says:

    You are fooling no one, AW. You are picking MN over Dallas just because your picks have all been wrong and your are trying to put a curse on the Vikings. Still, hope you are right.

  8. Cindy V Says:

    I’ve always held the opinion that if the Packers aren’t in the playoff, then I don’t want anyone from our division in them. So I’ll be cheering for the Cowboys even though I don’t like them very much. But I do not want the Vikings going to to the NFC game.

    I like the Saints and they’re all over the Cards right now.

  9. Kozak Says:

    So far the MN DL game is giving even more reasons to hate the Cowboys.

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