Woodson Defensive Player of the Year


Read here. Charles Woodson deserves this award. I also think Darrelle Revis definitely deserved to be in the conversation considering the long list of top flight WRs he absolutely shut down this year. The difference between Revis and Woodson though, as we’ve pointed out before, is that Woodson is simply a more complete player. I would not reject arguments that Revis may in fact be as good as Woodson, and that he may in fact be somewhat limited by the defensive scheme in which he plays (limiting him to strict coverage of #1 WRs). But the fact is, Woodson dominated his opponents by making both traditional cornerback plays (league-leading 9 picks and 3 returns for TDs, tons of solid tackles), and non traditional cornerback plays (matching up with TEs, forcing fumbles, making game-changing goal-line tackles on RBs, pressuring the QB, etc). Charles Woodson was so involved in so many huge plays this year that without him, the Pack might very well have lost several more games than they did.

Aaron Rodgers, not one to overstate things, put it best a few weeks ago when he said he’s never seen anyone play football in person as well as Charles Woodson. Ever.

6 Responses to “Woodson Defensive Player of the Year”

  1. mark Says:

    i agree with Aaron- im wondering what made Charles play so hard- he was possessed the whole season- too bad we won too many games to get any high draft picks. hopefully we will get lucky like we did with Rodgers to fill the holes.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Mark – he really was possessed all season – even in games that weren’t close etc. Apparently on Friday, he gave a rare speech to the team talking about what an opportunity the they had in front of them – and he talked about how badly he wants to win a championship. I’ve heard other interviews with him talking about how winning a championship is really all he’s after now. So I think he particularly driven by the goal of winning a Super Bowl.

    • mark Says:

      lets hope that speech sinks in- as i said before – i think Rodgers is good enough to win multiple Super Bowls.

  3. Scott W Says:

    If I were Woodson’s teammate, I’d follow him into hell because he’s THAT kind of leader.

    Well done Woody.

  4. Doug In Sandpoint Says:

    For one more example of how he single handedly changed the direction of a game, we only have to look back a few days. Had he not caused the fumble recovered by CM3, we likely would have lost by 40. Instead, we calm down, gain some MO and make a game out of it. He is truly deserving and I am honored to be able to watch and root for him.

  5. dreampipe Says:



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