Rex Ryan – classless jerk


Rex Ryan is an assclown. The following comments are from Ryan who was pissed Darrelle Revis didn’t win the Defensive Player of the Year award. Jerk.:

“A number that I think is interesting is eight.  No, that’s not the amount of touchdown passes Green Bay gave up against Arizona.  That’s the amount of touchdown passes we gave up all season.  The biggest reason for that is Darrelle Revis.”

And then this:

“I wasn’t going to comment on it,” said Ryan. “You know what I would like? I would like to congratulate the people who voted for Darrelle Revis, those guys obviously really know the game.”

As I’ve said before, in a gracious, classy way – Revis had an incredible season and deserved to be a part of this discussion. No question. But no single defensive player changed games this year more than Charles Woodson. He was the best defensive player in the NFL and deserves this award. Meanwhile, Rex Ryan deserves to lose by 30 this weekend.

13 Responses to “Rex Ryan – classless jerk”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    Revis had a good year but Charles Woodson I think was better because he played so many roles in the defense. Maybe Revis was CB of the year, but Woodson was the defensive PLAYER of the year. And he had to compensate for Bush too.

  2. Erik Manassy (@e_man) Says:

    Revis went up against better talent and shut them all down, hence the name Revis Island. Darrelle had more balls (over 30) go his way and still shut down those receivers. Check out the details:

    Woodson had a great season no doubt, but it seems he got it maybe because of forced fumles and 3 TDs. It was close. Congrats Woodson.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      He also probably got it because he had more tackles, more forced fumbles, more sacks, and more interceptions both in total and those returned for TDs. Revis had more passes defended. That’s it.

  3. foundinidaho Says:

    I like to think if the shoe was on the other foot McCarthy wouldn’t have been an asshat. One thing I will say about him, he is discreet in his comments (sometimes too much for my satisfaction). CWood has more class in his little finger than Rex Ryan. Congratulations to our DPOY.

  4. cindyvvideo Says:

    I beleive the Pack play the Jets next season. Game on Rex!

  5. Dan Says:

    I understand some fan’s argument about how Woodson is an all around better defensive player. But look how good the Jets defense performed against the pass compared to Green Bay. Also compare it against good QB’s.

    Green Bay played against Big Ben, Favre X2, and Kurt Warner and the results were absolutely abysmal.

    Jets played against Tom Brady X2, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning (half game) and the results were much more reasonable.

    I can understand how Packer fans might get upset at this, but it’s mainly facts.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      But the award isn’t about which team defense plays better – it is about the individual who plays better. And Charles Woodson IMO played better. Yes, the team gave up a lot of yards – but was that due to Woodson or to the scheme? I’d say the scheme. Plus, I think a player who can play multiple roles well is better than one person who can play one role very well.

      But if you just look at stats Woodson had a much better year. He had 73 tackles compared to Revis’ 54, 2 sacks to Revis’ 0, 9 INT (3 for TDs) to Revis’ 6 (1 for TD), and 4 forced fumbles to Revis’ 0. The only statisical category that Revis was better was passes defended (18 to Revis’ 31).

  6. awhayes Says:

    Well put Packerbelle. If it’s mainly about the “facts” Dan, then review the facts that Packerbelle lays out and you can see that clearly, Woodson had the better year. I even think an argument could be made that Revis is too one-dimensional to get as many votes as he got when compared to Woodson. One way to consider this is that Revis played incredibly well going by the traditional role-definition of what a corner does. Woodson, however, redefined the position this year by doing so much more from the CB position as anyone in recent memory.

  7. campbell Says:

    You could have given the award to either one, and I’ve heard several pundits echo that opinion. What bothered me was the vote. It should have been much closer. but Woodson got double the votes of Reavis. That indicated the voters neglected to even watch the Jets games. Reavis was spectacular.

    In these instances, the national media never does it’s homewor.

    But there are worse God..those poor folks in Haiti.

  8. nml Says:

    Woodson certainly was very opportunistic this season and his numbers were impressive and I think he deserves the award for sure. To say Revis is one dimensional is not true. Cornerbacks cover receivers… What did Woodson do that revolutionized the position? Caused some fumbles and had a lot of ints? Its a simple position: cover your receiver and don’t let them catch the ball. I think Woodson had more opportunities to make big flashy plays because he got thrown to more. Revis is so good shutting down the other teams best WR, that QBs don’t throw at him.

    And for Ryan to go to bat for his player doesn’t make him a classless jerk. He has a job to do and that is too get his players ready to play. If he thinks making the case for his player is a way to fire him up or whatever, then he should do it. He never said that Woodson wasn’t a good player and didn’t deserve it, he just thought his guy did.

    I think Woodson got torched last Sunday against Fitzgerald, and Ochocinco was not existent. Of course Fitzgerald is way better, but still says something, i think.

  9. Ron La Canne Says:

    The vote was substantially in favor of Charles. Enough said! Ryan and the voters will have a nice relationship going forward. Can’t wait to hear his next rant.

  10. awhayes Says:

    NML – actually Ryan did rip on the voters saying they didn’t know what they were talking about, which is necessarily diminishing Woodson. It’s not THAT Ryan supported his guy – that’s totally understandable – but it’s HOW he did it. Making a crack about the Packers loss, then stating clearly that the voters didn’t know what they were talking about. That’s how a jackass handles a situation like that – with no class. And NML, I’m not sure if you saw many Packer games this year, but if you did, you’d have a sense for what I mean when I say Woodson redefined the CB role. He covered TEs, he blitzed, he was huge against the opposing teams’ running game (something Revis didn’t do nearly as much because he was so focused on covered a WR) and he was a prominent leader of a young defense.

  11. JETSPLAYRIGHT2010 Says:

    I guess Woodson can enjoy the award….we just care about winning….. Don’t worry we will do what you couldn’t..Beat Brett………….

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