Was Hawk benched?


Seems Chillar has gotten lots of playing time lately. Ok, no Hawk is in – and he nearly gave up another first down because he sucks in coverage. I think the Cards have been throwing at Hawk tonight. Keep Barnett in there with Chillar and let Hawk rest unless we know they’re going to run.


3 Responses to “Was Hawk benched?”

  1. Schaefer Says:

    wow, they have killed us up the middle today…absolutely killed us

  2. awhayes Says:

    Schaef – you’re right. At halftime, Chris Meyers said that that’s what Whisenhunt noticed before – that they could go in the middle and they have. Hawk is a total liability against the pass. He’s quite good against the run, but not the pass.

  3. andrew Says:

    i havent seen hawk play almsot at all nd havent seen him blow to many coverages.. where i have seen chillar chillar is NOT that much better at coverage better yes but he isnt a solution at all.. nd they have not thrown at hawk tonight they have thrown at bush nd tramon nd the middle of the field when we blitz because our safeties cant get there fast enough

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