Hate to be sour-grapes like, but that Rodgers was hit in the face there


That was a facemask or illegal hands to the face. The ball came out right around that time, but at the least, that was a facemask on the return for a TD then.


5 Responses to “Hate to be sour-grapes like, but that Rodgers was hit in the face there”

  1. barb...inkc Says:

    We ran it back, you were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!. Damn shame it wasn’t called. But great entertainment. …In a game that set Offensive records, a Defensive play wins the game. Crud! Thanks for letting me listen in and play. Sorry about the end of the season. Good showing all around for GB. Next year.

  2. andrew Says:

    Tom brady would have gotten the flag I thought it was a hit in the head nd it was holdin I was shocked refs missed a few calls but packers lost it

  3. kaiax33 Says:

    Packers game to lose. Not sure what happened to the 2nd ranked defense in the league, but the offense more than made up for it. Many missed calls tonight (i.e. Fitzgerald pushing off of Woodson, PF on the guy blocking Jenkins into Warner, etc.)

    Needless to say, I’m much more optimistic about the future of the team based on tonight’s play. Rogers put up some great numbers for his first ever NFL playoff game. Hopefully we’ll get rid of a few folks in the off season (Poppinga) and get some deeper coverage guys (Giordano just looked lost tonight).

  4. Jake Nelson Says:

    I completely agree. When I saw the face mask, I was screaming. I’m not sure if that would negate the play given it occurred after the fumble, but a call would have been nice. Also I agree 100% that Fitzy interfered with Woodson on his 2nd score. I’d love to hear the official’s reason why it wasn’t interference.

  5. packerwatch Says:

    should have been an automatic first down. the cardinals hadn’t gained possession (the ball was loose, but had not been recovered) yet when the foul occurred, and according to nfl rules you cannot undergo a change in possession if your team doesn’t have “clean hands,” i.e. no fouls called before the change of possession.

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