Jumping on Steve’s thought’s about getting off to a quick start – this is one game where I think a flea flicker would work really well. The Cards are not going to be focused defensively only on our quality passing game. They know that if they don’t at least keep an eye on Grant, he could make them pay – while eating up some nice possession time. The play I envision is a flea flicker that sucks the Cards’ secondary up for the apparent run play only to have Jordy or James Jones (not Driver/Jennings…they might bring safety help) deep for a single coverage bomb. I know this sounds a bit school-yard like, but this is a game, a situation, where I think it would work really well.


3 Responses to “Flea-flicker?”

  1. sfhayes Says:

    Dude, can you name a game where you didn’t think a flea-flicker would work really well?

  2. awhayes Says:

    No – but in this game, it would be particularly effective…trust me.

  3. barb...inkc Says:

    A flea-flicker would work well, but I wouldn’t start with it. I’d establish the running game first and hit them with the FF in the second quarter. but I could be wrong…

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