Tremendous heart. Yes, they have left some time on the clock, but frankly, at this point in the game, you just need to score. Come on special teams – come on defense. You were the #2 defense all year – rise up and play like it here. Get a turnover against what is sure to be a greedy AZ offense.


4 Responses to “FANTASTIC!!!”

  1. barb...inkc Says:

    Don’t know if I might’ve gone for 2 there. Now you give AZ the ball with 1:53 left and 3 TOs. We haven’t been able to stop them all day. Now go for the onside kick?

  2. Schaefer Says:


  3. barb...inkc Says:

    GB D leads the league with 40 turnovers this year, only 1 so far this game. Time for another.

  4. jerry Says:

    PATHETIC DEFENSE. I still say this goes on McCarthy and the coaching staff. Come on theodore spend some of our money and improve this team. The only reason this defense was number 2 was our schedule, bears, tampa, cleveland, very easy schedule. Defense couldnt stop a nose bleed. good luck next year ted with a tougher schedule

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