Finally some love for Sitton


Nice article this morning by Lori Nickel at jsonline. For a while now, we’ve been talking about the presence of Josh Sitton at RG and how he’s not been merely adequate, but rather super impressive. I honestly thought he deserved at least consideration for the Pro Bowl. He does have a bit of nasty in him as Colledge (who is not nasty) says and it really seems he rarely makes errors as Philbin points out.

(As a “writer”, if I had written an article on Sitton, I might have tried to obtain feedback from scouts or personnel from other teams. Getting opinions from outside the organization might have added a little punch to the general argument that Sitton is high quality. Or, even getting quotes from guys on our team who have more credibility talking O-Line stuff than Philbin and Colledge like a veteran like Tauscher/Clifton or McCarthy or even our defensive players who practice against him. I’m being petty I know – but that’s due in large part to my curiosity about what other teams think of lining up against Sitton…I just think he’s so good.)


9 Responses to “Finally some love for Sitton”

  1. cindyvvideo Says:

    I’ve been reading that the Card’s coach is pissed that the PAckers kept starters in the game well into the third quarter. I guess he wanted us to go vanilla like he did. Opinions Geeks?

    • Kozak Says:

      F -em. He coaches his way, McCarthy does it his way.
      Guess we’ll see which way works better Sunday….

      GO PACK!

  2. foundinidaho Says:

    We retired most starters before the 4th. We needed to get some play in for the starters so that they aren’t rusty next week. And ARodg needed to surpass Judas in the recordbooks.

    Too bad, whiny Cardinal coach. You should be glad we “wore” our guys out last week. (Except for we didn’t, really.)

  3. Travis Says:

    What I don’t understand with Wisenhunt’s frustration is why does it matter. We had a gameplan to do one thing. Not to embarrass your team. To keep the momentum going, to make sure things are firing on all cylinders going into the playoffs. We knew the risks of doing this, such as injuries and stuff. But McCarthy believed this was a very good way to begin the playoffs, and was hopeful to come out healthy. The great part is, we played very well, even if its just against alot of their backups, and their were no significant injuries, luckily with Woodson supposeably fine.

    We had nothing to gain by winning the game in seeding wise. Absolutely no advantage. So our starters were not out there so we would win the game, it was all about the momentum, and make sure the offence and defence are clicking well right into the playoffs. I like the plan, although it does contain some risk. But if it works out like it did, it gives us a benefit, because obviously there are plenty of new stuff we can do in the “real” game. And with the momentum and not showing everything we got, it could really help us take control of this game. This is not to say we will win, we have to play and earn this win, but I can’t see this hurting our chances.

    The team is clearly on the high road right now, and I do hope its not getting to their head, so they continue to work and really give it everything they got. As long as they know each of these playoff games will never be guaranteed until its over, this confidence could not be better. Having winning 7 of the last 8 games, many by large margins at the turning point of our season is huge. To go into the playoffs on a 7 out of 8 game winning streak from the point of our season where it looked like our ship had sunk is huge. I’m not crowning anybody the champion yet, but Green Bay will have something to say in the playoffs, and hopefully they can muster up a big run for it all. It won’t be easy, and we gotta be on our game and play very well, with all of our players stepping up, but hey, with this momentum and skill that we have, we are capable, now lets hope we can make it happen.

  4. Travis Says:

    And its funny cause I rambled away from my main point of responding to this post. Part of me thinks that Wisenhunt is a bit upset is because Green Bay appeared to come out of the game alot more healthier than Arizona did, despite totally opposite game plans. I think that would be the cherry on top when you get blown out, but I really can’t see why he would think we did this to embarrass them. No one is obviously happy when they get badly beat, but under the circumstances, and obviously with the intentions we had, it was from a momentum standpoint. And part of why it was such a big blowout is because they weren’t playing against alot of starters, which usually results in a lopsided score. I’m nothing close to an NFL coach, but it seems clear to me what had happened and the circumstances and he should really just start focusing on the game and not be so cranky over this loss. Other than the health issues with a few of their players which clearly cannot be blamed on us, there’s should really be no issue at all.

  5. DaveK Says:

    I think he is pissed because 10,000 packer fans made more crowd noise then 50,000 Cardinals fans and they expect more Packer fans this Sunday.

  6. Joe Says:

    I think it is pretty dumb for him to complain about starts staying in the game when he played Bodlen and Fitzgarld for so much of the game. Hey pot, meet kettle.

    I did see this on JSonline this morning:

    “The only thing I was chafing about was the approach of my football team and how we handled it,” Whisenhunt said. “I was disappointed with some of the things we did in the ball game as far as how we played. It was obvious to me that Green Bay was more physical than us. That’s what was very disappointing to me. I could see where (the writer) would think that I was irritated, and I was, but it certainly wasn’t at Coach McCarthy or at the Packers. It was more about how we performed.”

    As for Sitton I would like to hear what scouts think about him – he seems pretty solid to me.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    Dave, according to ticket brokers, many tickets still available for sunday. Hope all Wis. geezers can get to the stadium.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:

    Bouldin missed practice again on Friday. Doubtful for Sunday. Game time decision.

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