From the hot seat to Coach of the Year?


Charlie Casserly, in an article yesterday at, talks about Mike McCarthy as one of his 6 candidates for Coach of the Year. Interesting that at 4-4 earlier this year, a number of local and national folks were wondering if McCarthy would be replaced at the end of this year (myself included). Now, people are talking about him as a Coach of the Year candidate. As Casserly points out, while McCarthy working with a young team and bringing in Capers were two definite positives for him, I think the major reason he should be in the discussion is that he helped to turn the season around. I know there were other factors in the season’s turnaround, but the coaching in the second half by both McCarthy and Capers improved. And I do think that McCarthy should be getting more credit than he has been for the development of Aaron Rodgers. The two work very well together. To have a second year starter in the conversation for league MVP is impressive.

(Keep in mind though that Casserly’s list includes Wade Phillips and Jack Del Rio, neither of whom should be on there and does not include Norv Turner, who should probably win it).

I would not give this award to McCarthy. I would lean toward Norv Turner and maybe Marvin Lewis. (Interesting I write this because after last season, I would have supported the firing of both Turner and Lewis.) I’d say Jim Caldwell, Sean Payton should also be considered candidates.


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