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Rodgers on Woodson “best football player I’ve ever seen in person”

December 24, 2009

Read here from ESPN’s Jeffrey Chadiha. Nice article on Charles Woodson. We at Packergeeks have done our best to highlight just how good this guy has been this year – even nominating him for NFL MVP. For anyone who has watched multiple Packer games this year, you know that Woodson doesn’t just do the stuff that national writers often focus too much on like getting picks, forcing fumbles, scoring defensive TDs. He does all of that yes, but his presence on the field fundamentally changes the game so significantly, it is nothing short of remarkable that he does this from the cornerback position. Importantly, Dom Capers needs to be given some credit as he clearly works with Woodson to design plays/schemes that bring out his strengths. But Woodson in the end, deserves credit for just playing like he has. Man am I glad he changed his mind about coming to Green Bay – and judging by Rodgers’ quote, he is too. Following is the Rodgers quote in its entirety:

“I don’t mean to offend anybody by saying this, but he’s the best football player I’ve ever seen in person. I’ve never seen anybody dominate a position the way he has.”

Great quote from Mike Tomlin

December 23, 2009


On receiving any feedback regarding his decision to go for a controversial onside kick against Green Bay:

“I don’t look for feedback. I just try to win football games. My 8-year-old asked me what I was thinking. … I told him to be quiet.”

K John Carney now available

December 22, 2009

Sorry – just realized I never did put up my post yesterday on Crosby. I essentially just said that we should at least bring in competition. I know that McCarthy wants Crosby to feel supported during his season-long slump and that part of McCarthy’s reason for being so firm in his commitment is that McCarthy doesn’t want Crosby’s confidence to dip any further. But the fact is, if Crosby continues hurting us, he needs to sit and someone who can do it more effectively needs to be our kicker. In the post, I went on to list options: Dave Rayner, Mike Vanderjadt, Morten Andersen – and I noted that John Carney and Matt Stover both would likely be available soon.

Well, sure enough, the Saints just cut John Carney. He didn’t light the world on fire this year (13 of 17), but he’s a veteran who proved to be a brutally difficult cut for the Giants last year when Tynes came back because he was so good. I say bring him if we can get him – maybe even consider keeping 2 kickers. (At worst, he might be able to offer Crosby some veteran mentoring that he has seriously lacked in his first 3 years.) We’re at a critical time in the season when another miss from Crosby could be devastating. No, there’s no guarantee a new guy will be any better, but it would be hard for a new guy to be worse.

Packer playoff scenarios

December 21, 2009

From what I’ve been able to figure, our playoff picture is not too complicated. Ok, as I study this, it is a bit complicated. Remember that Philly has already clinched a playoff spot, though it’s possible they could lose the division title yet to Dallas. But Philly beat the NYG 2x this year, so they own the head-to-head tiebreaker against NYG:

  • Packers are in and clinch the #5 seed if we win our last 2 games no matter what other teams do.
  • Packers are in if we win 1 of our final two games and the Giants lose 1 of their final 3 games.
  • Packers are in if we win 1 of our final two games and Dallas loses 1 of its final two games.

How can the Packers still be elimintated?

  • Packers could be out if we lose both of the last two games, Dallas wins at least one of their last two games and the NYG win at least 2 of their final 3 games. (In this case, the Packers would lose a common game tiebreaker to the NYG – thanks in large part to the embarrassing TB loss).
  • Packers could be out if we lose one of the last two games, Dallas wins both of their remaining games and the NYG win all 3 of their remaining games. Again, we’d lose the tiebreaker to the NYG.

Game Thoughts Pitt

December 20, 2009
  • Our prevent defense was successful in that in prevented victory for us. The coaching staff would probably counter that they were getting “enough” of a rush, but I just don’t think so. A few blitzes and at the very least keeping Matthews in there to rush the pass every time would have been smart. Or Bishop – who would have had fresh legs. Yes, playing the regular defense we’d been playing all game may not have been the answer either considering it was so bad – but at least putting Roeth under more pressure might have prevented some of the easier completions they ended up getting.
  • Not sure why a guy like our CB Josh Bell was in there anyway on that last play.
  • AJ Hawk hurt this team today. He’s fine against the run – in fact, the last few games, I’d say he’s been very good. But he is an absolute liability in coverage. Heath Miller had 7 catches for 118 yards – several against Hawk.
  • Pitt clearly did their homework on us. They got more yards passing than any other team has against us this year and it didn’t seem too hard. They primarily went after Tramon and Jarrett Bush and Hawk – and that last pass came against recently acquired Josh Bell.
  • While Ben Roeth gets sacked a ton, when he does buy time and shakes free, he often causes huge damage because his WRs don’t stop running around. Hines Ward does that extremely well, despite the fact that he’s a jackass. It’s so frustrating because many times we had Roeth dead only to have a huge pass completed on us.
  • Rodgers was fantastic. Our offense came around in the second half, though we never did get the running game going.
  • We have to be excited about Finley. He’s getting the ball because he’s getting it done. Great job especially in the second half by all of our WRs and Finley. Great job.
  • It’s weird, whenever I watch the Packers, I get this feeling like we never really have control over games. I think that may be due in good part to not imposing our power on other teams with the run game and/or establishing legit rhythm on offense. We just seem out of sync – though the good thing is that we’re managing to score points in the face of that. (Better rhythm in the 2nd half though.)
  • Remember who missed a 34 yard FG. Mason Crosby. Kicking field goals isn’t easy – especially at Heinz Field. But I’m not kidding when I say that if there were such a thing as teleporting, I could have set down my beer (an Esser Pilsner – highly recommend it), walked on the field and probably made that one. Playoff teams need playoff kickers and we should be keeping close tabs on John Carney, Matt Stover (or maybe Adam Vinatieri) – and maybe even give Jason Elam a call despite him having a poor year in Atlanta.
  • Clay Matthews is a beast. Great game. Not sure why Brad Jones (who also had a nice game) lost so much playing time to Poppinga at the end of the game. Poppinga had one nice play, but was thrown about on the rest of the plays.
  • I’m pissed we lost that game. We came back and fought hard. But putting a prevent defense out there just plain didn’t work. Pitt marched down the field and scored a TD. Yes, it was a bit unlucky and if Cullen Jenkins makes that sack, which there was no excuse for missing, we likely would have won. Our defense definitely needs to go back to work and figure out why Pitt was able to use us like they did. And our offense needs to do a much better job of figuring out how we can get into a better rhythm.
  • But at the same time, I’m not suicidal here. This loss hurts but I hope it’s one the team can analyze and then forget quickly. We didn’t get crushed or anything, we lost to a wiley bunch of Super Bowl veterans/a quality coaching staff and we still have a very good shot at the playoffs – which I think continues to be a realistic basic goal for this regular season. For those dumb enough to take any comfort in my predictions, I’ll offer this prediction: Packers 45, Seahawks 13.

Fantastic catch by James Jones

December 20, 2009

Jones was fully extended on that one. Beautiful. Beautiful. Also, nice route run, even though the d-back slipped, Jones’ route was a well-run one.

Why did we waste our final timeout there?

December 20, 2009

Lucky break there

December 20, 2009

We need a TD here, don’t even want a FG. Let’s just march down and score a TD.

Game may come down to a Mason Crosby FG

December 20, 2009

Will be tough for McCarthy if he has to decide between a long Mason Crosby attempt or going for a 4th and 2 or 3.

Great coverage by Nick Barnett on Mendenhall there

December 20, 2009

Key play – made FG attempt tougher.