Crosby FG huge


That was a huge play. I’m really glad McCarthy game him that chance. The best was that Driver, Jennings, Barnett – all those guys ran out on the field to celebrate with Crosby. He needed that big-time, especially if we’re not going to pick someone else up. I must say, if we’d picked up one of those older guys, they may not have had the leg to make a kick like that in the cold. (I still think we should have picked one up for insurance but…)

Great game- Seattle sucks but we’ve played really well.


3 Responses to “Crosby FG huge”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Good for his head. He started kicking deeper KO’s right after that.

  2. 56Coop Says:

    FINALLY. A complete game in all phases. Even if it is/was against the ‘Hawks everybody looked good. Rodgers, Grant, Havener, Jackson, Flynn, defense, ST’s & yes, even Crosby. Playoff bound, playoff bound.

    And this is with 10:48 to go in the 4th.


    The 2nd FG was a real booster. Man I hope we don’t get the Vikes in the first round. Saints lose so who knows how it ends up. May get to play Cards twice in a row.

  3. TheChoj Says:

    I hope get the Cards 2 weeks in a row, I live in Tucson!

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