Rodgers on Woodson “best football player I’ve ever seen in person”


Read here from ESPN’s Jeffrey Chadiha. Nice article on Charles Woodson. We at Packergeeks have done our best to highlight just how good this guy has been this year – even nominating him for NFL MVP. For anyone who has watched multiple Packer games this year, you know that Woodson doesn’t just do the stuff that national writers often focus too much on like getting picks, forcing fumbles, scoring defensive TDs. He does all of that yes, but his presence on the field fundamentally changes the game so significantly, it is nothing short of remarkable that he does this from the cornerback position. Importantly, Dom Capers needs to be given some credit as he clearly works with Woodson to design plays/schemes that bring out his strengths. But Woodson in the end, deserves credit for just playing like he has. Man am I glad he changed his mind about coming to Green Bay – and judging by Rodgers’ quote, he is too. Following is the Rodgers quote in its entirety:

“I don’t mean to offend anybody by saying this, but he’s the best football player I’ve ever seen in person. I’ve never seen anybody dominate a position the way he has.”


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