Merry Christmas from Packergeeks


Just wanted to wish all readers a Merry Christmas. We truly appreciate you and your comments, the discussion, the insight, the hilarity. I really mean that. We really appreciate it. It is so much fun to write posts knowing that those reading them are to a person (except for an occasional Bear fan commenter), intelligent, thoughtful and as into the Packers as we are. It’s just plain fun.

Again, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and…Go Pack Go!

7 Responses to “Merry Christmas from Packergeeks”

  1. foundinidaho Says:

    Merry Christmas guys! Thanks for having such a fun place to come hang out with Packergeeks like myself.

  2. Cindy V Says:

    Thanks for you work in creating this site. It’s a haven for us Packer fans and a great place to talk about our team. Merry Christmas, fellow geeks.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    At the risk of being redundant, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Not only to Ansy and his brothers, but to all of you who post here. This is a great group with a lot to say.

    Good luck to the Packers and thanks for the turnaround from the previous season.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    Here’s hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas & good fortunes to you in the upcoming year.

    GO PACK!!

  5. DaveK Says:

    A little late but Merry Christmas to all. I love the site and discussion!

  6. TheChoj Says:

    like everyone has said…thanks for the site, its a daily (ok, multiple times a day) habit of checking the site. Hope everyone had and has a safe holiday(s)

    p.s. I am a designer and last week as it was slow at work I created a little logo for the site if you are interested…where should I email it to?

  7. awhayes Says:

    Thank you all for your kind words. TheChoj, definitely would be interested in any logo design you can come up with. Appreciate the thought…send it to

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