Great quote from Mike Tomlin



On receiving any feedback regarding his decision to go for a controversial onside kick against Green Bay:

“I don’t look for feedback. I just try to win football games. My 8-year-old asked me what I was thinking. … I told him to be quiet.”

7 Responses to “Great quote from Mike Tomlin”

  1. Joe Says:

    That is awesome!

  2. Neal Says:

    I love his response. I like a coach that takes a few risks once and awhile.

    Go for it! After all its just a game….

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Tomlin should be arguing that was a win-win decision, since the Packers had already scored twice in the second half:

    1. If the Steelers recover, they control the ball, the clock, and have a chance for a game-clinching.

    2. If the Packers recover, the shorter field will make it harder for them to use the remaining clock before scoring, giving the Steelers time for an answer.

    It’s too bad Jones didn’t have the presence of mind to go down at the 5 when he made that last catch…


  4. Ace Says:

    Dave in Tucson. Go down at the 5 and risk not scoring a TD and putting the game on the golden toe of Mason Crosby??? I think not. I’d risk it on the defense and so would most fb fans without benefit of hindsight.

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      Oh, man–what was I thinking? If the Packers had done that, they might’ve lost the game!

      Seriously, though, 1) It would’ve been first down, which would mean 3 tries for a TD first, and 2) Crosby’s misses (except for that one XP) have all been from long distance.

      Yeah, it’s a tough choice. But leaving the Steelers more than 2 minutes to respond was taking a chance too.


  5. Ron La Canne Says:

    Merry Christmas Andy! Packer players please remember Tampa Bay as you walk on the field Sunday.

  6. awhayes Says:

    You too Ron – appreciate your thoughts, insight, and the tips on breaking news. Happy New Year too.

    (Something tells me the players will be ready this Sunday and Seattle will leave embarrassed…here’s to hoping…)

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