K John Carney now available


Sorry – just realized I never did put up my post yesterday on Crosby. I essentially just said that we should at least bring in competition. I know that McCarthy wants Crosby to feel supported during his season-long slump and that part of McCarthy’s reason for being so firm in his commitment is that McCarthy doesn’t want Crosby’s confidence to dip any further. But the fact is, if Crosby continues hurting us, he needs to sit and someone who can do it more effectively needs to be our kicker. In the post, I went on to list options: Dave Rayner, Mike Vanderjadt, Morten Andersen – and I noted that John Carney and Matt Stover both would likely be available soon.

Well, sure enough, the Saints just cut John Carney. He didn’t light the world on fire this year (13 of 17), but he’s a veteran who proved to be a brutally difficult cut for the Giants last year when Tynes came back because he was so good. I say bring him if we can get him – maybe even consider keeping 2 kickers. (At worst, he might be able to offer Crosby some veteran mentoring that he has seriously lacked in his first 3 years.) We’re at a critical time in the season when another miss from Crosby could be devastating. No, there’s no guarantee a new guy will be any better, but it would be hard for a new guy to be worse.

8 Responses to “K John Carney now available”

  1. PackerMax Says:

    If McCarthy is going to stick with Crosby, as he said he would, I don’t see any point in bringing in anyone else right now. I agree that something needs to be done, but can you bring in a new kicker to “mentor” Crosby right now?

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    It’s definitely a distance issue with Crosby (stats here).

    He’s made 19 of 21 from less than 40 yards. But 40 yards and over, things drop off fast: 4 of 7 40-49, and just 1 of 5 over 50.

    This page is interesting too. Crosby’s one FG from 50+ yards came in week 1, and he’s only had one FG in the 40+ range since week 6.

    Didn’t he have some kind of abdomenal injury early in the season? I really wonder if it’s still bothering him.


  3. Ace Says:

    I have been a Crosby supporter from day one. length, hang time, great leg. For this year–for 3 more games (assuming playoff round one)-bring in Carney. Crosby, Folk and others—head cases all. Nearly cost us the Bear game, cost us the Steeler game. And why change holders now.

  4. Should The Packers Bring In John Carney? | Total Packers Says:

    […] Some say the Packers would be foolish not to give Carney a try, even with just two games left in the regular season. Green Bay is at a critical point right now, and Crosby has missed a field goal in each of the last four games, including a 34-yarder at Pittsburgh on Sunday that was the difference in the Steelers’ 37-36 victory. At the very least, Carney can’t be much worse than his younger counterpart. […]

  5. Packers Daily Links 12.23.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] by the New Orleans Saints. "He didn’t light the world on fire this year (13 of 17)," writes Hayes, "but he’s a veteran who proved to be a brutally difficult cut for the Giants last year when […]

  6. Ron La Canne Says:

    Missed FG’s in the last four games. Ranked near 30 among NFL kickers. Has has trouble making the 10 yard line on KO’s. Steeler game KO distance and direction did improve.

    Something is wrong with him, physically or mentally.

  7. Paula Says:

    If the Packers beat Arizona, and if Dallas beats Philly, would Dallas then play the Vikings? And if Dallas beats the Vikings and the Packers beat New Orleans, would Dallas play the Packers in Green Bay for the championship game?

    • awhayes Says:

      Paula – yes, if I’m not mistaken, if we beat AZ and Dal beats Philly, Dal would play at MN. Then, if Dal beats the Vikes and we beat NO, we would play Dal in Dal by virtue of the fact that they were division winners (same reasoning has been applied for Dal being the #3 seed right now and the Pack being the #5 seed even though we have the same record and we won head to head). The only way we could have a home game going forward is if both the Pack and Phil make it to the NFC Championship.

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