Offense looks awful


McCarthy’s playcalling today is way off. Aikman makes a good point about other teams running wild on Pitt. There is an element of recognition here. Even if McCarthy wanted to start out pass happy, our passing game isn’t good right now and he needs to recognize that. He’d counter argue that he’s sticking with the pass because of unfavorable “down and distance” – one of his favorite expressions. But the fact is, we don’t appear to unpredictable right now running only on first downs. Let’s get creative Mike – you’ll have to be when facing LeBeau.


4 Responses to “Offense looks awful”

  1. Trav Says:

    Love the “psycho” D look. Great call on 3rd down and another play by Matthews

  2. SteveK Says:

    IMHO, MM’s play calling has been off all season. Nothing creative or innovative. Very predictable. No rhythm or feel for the game.

  3. Kozak Says:

    Can’t anyone hang onto the ball? Man!

  4. James Says:

    The Dropped Passes are killing us as well.

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