Greene is right, massive holding on Pitt


Good thing we still sacked Roeth there, the hold against Jenkins was so obvious it was shocking  they didn’t call it.


4 Responses to “Greene is right, massive holding on Pitt”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    passes 37 – rushes -8.


    just don’t know what to say. beyond comprehension. mike, what the hell?

  2. DreamPipe Says:

    big hold against our middle rusher, raji i think, on the last play of the game…
    i’m incensed at the officiating in this game

  3. websterslaughter Says:

    I played the last play back on slowmo and the holding on the nosetakle by the Pittsburgh center was immediate from the start of the play. The centers arms where around the back on both sides for the first two seconds when he was hand checked away then he worked the nose tackle from the side in a half

  4. websterslaughter Says:

    tackle of the rusher, the center held and the tug of the uniform was obvious as he tried to turn the nose tackle and take him down. The official was looking directly at the play and did not have the courage to reach for his flag, he would have had to be blind to miss it but the real truth was that that officialwas not going to make any call period. What a Chicken-s—!!!

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