Can Kapinos kick field goals?


I just said before that kick to go for it and not even try a field goal. What a waste. And it’s that same damn fade problem – so why doesn’t he account for his tendency to push it by aiming left. He absolutely sucks.

Right now, Green Bay has the worst overall kicking game in the NFL – and as bad a kicking game as I’ve seen in the NFL for years.


2 Responses to “Can Kapinos kick field goals?”

  1. James Says:

    The Packers will go nowhere in the Playoffs. You need to occasionally kick a FG and Mason Crosby sucks. Mike McCarthy is oblivious to the apparent problem, so there will be no movement or pressure at all.

  2. Ace Says:

    My thought exactly. I believe that Kapinos can kick. Replacing Flynn with Kapinos does nothing. it is simple–Crosby lifts his head too early. No different than a golfer hitting a tee shot and not following all the way through with his swing keeping head down. Keep head down through the kick. He has been doing it for weeks. I question not going for it with one yard to go on the 15. Belichek would have and would have gotten a td.

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