Playoff scenarios


Thanks to Dave in Tucson for pointing this out. Read here from cbssports for the latest playoff scenarios. A Packer win (at Pitt) and a Dallas loss (at NO) would clinch a spot for the Pack this week. This could be a tough game for the Packers as Pitt will no doubt be hungry and playing with fire after being embarrassed by the Cleve. It will be a great game to ready us for the playoffs and I hope we match their intensity.

10 Responses to “Playoff scenarios”

  1. DaveK Says:

    It would be a monumental collapse if the Packers lost the 6th seed. We essentially have a two game lead with three to play.

    I’m not sure if the 6th or 5th seed would be better this year. Do you want the 17th game of the year to be @ AZ or @ Philly/Dallas.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Dave – we better make the playoffs. My order of preference if we get there would be Arizona, Dallas, then Philly. Philly right now may be as good as the Vikes.

  3. Per_of_Swe Says:

    That’s a tough one, but I wouldn’t feel too good facing Arizona, a team with two great receivers could mean some serious trouble. However, if the play like they did yesterday they’d be no match.

    Philly has some crazy big play potential, but their defense is really bad and they’d need a good day from that offense too keep up.

    I wouldn’t want to go to Dallas however, regarding Packers history down there….but I have a hard time seeing them even ending up in the post season as of now (really not sure if giants belong there either…)

    But as of now, I’d rank the Packers above all of those 3 teams.

  4. DaveK Says:

    I’ll take the Cardinals that turned the ball over seven times last night but not the Cardinals that played the Vikings two weeks ago!

    The next three weeks will probably change our mind about which team we want to face in the playoffs. Injuries could play a role in that. AZ might be more rested as the last game for them will probably now be meaningless. Philly only has a one game in the East lead and plays Dallas the last week of the season. A lot could change in the next three weeks.

    I just read on PFT that MN’s backup LB Erin Henderson has been suspended for four games for substance abuse. This is the brother of EJ Henderson who broke his leg last week. I think Erin was just a special teamer.

  5. awhayes Says:

    Per – welcome to Packergeeks. Good thoughts. Philly’s defense is pretty bad and AZs WRs could pose trouble. I would probably put the Pack #1 too, (or maybe #2 to Philly).

    By the way, I’ve played soccer with two different guys named Per – both from Sweden – in my day!

    • Per_of_Swe Says:

      Thank you! I’ve read this blog for quite a while now so i figuered it was time to post something.

      Oh really, where did you play? Haha yeah I guess Per is a kind of typical Swedish name.

      Thanks for a great blog btw! …and goo packers!

  6. awhayes Says:

    DaveK – if I’m not mistaken, Erin Henderson was their starting MLB last week against Cincy. Not sure how he did, but I’m pretty sure he filled in for his brother EJ. Even though Winfield’s return is helpful, the middle of that MN D could be in some trouble against teams good enough to exploit it.

  7. awhayes Says:

    actually – the Vikes started Jasper Brinkley in the middle I believe, not Erin Henderson. They will be adding LB J Leman to the active 53-man roster – a guy who was so good at Illinois as a LB I still can’t believe he hasn’t caught on somewhere.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:

    After watching the Cards last night, I think they maybe the best option. I think age and injury is catching up with Warner and Lienart hasn’t made a move to take over the position in 3 years. Boldin is also slowed by injury. If that’s the scenario and both teams have clinched their spots. We could see a new NFL record in the last game. 100 Fullback plunges and no passes. No one will see anything that would give the other team a clue as to what they plan for the next week.

  9. Dave In Tucson Says:

    My thoughts on potential WC weekend opponents (ordered from biggest to weakest threat):

    1. Eagles: win or lose, giving up 38 points in one game is a very bad thing. I like the Packers’ defense to hold the Eagles to way less than 38 points if and when they meet.

    2. Cardinals: yeah, it depends on which team shows up. But again, I like the Packers’ ball-hawking defense to make things happen

    3. Giants: no problem, given the way they’ve played defense lately. Likely the other WC team, so probably a non-issue.

    4. Cowboys: Packers beat them once, they can beat them again. The problem is, so can everyone else. Cowboys will very likely finish out of the playoffs.

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