Looking for books to buy for Christmas?


We feel badly that we haven’t mentioned these two books before now. But please Packergeek readers, if you have the chance, pick up one or both of these books.

Recent Packergeeks commenter Phil Hanrahan (welcome to the family Phil) has written the book entitled Life after Favre. I have not read the book but I have read some excerpts and it is well-written. I do plan to read it. Check it out.

And, as many of you know, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Bob McGinn has written The Ultimate Super Bowl Book. Reviews have been good and it would make for a timely gift with the Super Bowl around the corner.

6 Responses to “Looking for books to buy for Christmas?”

  1. foundinidaho Says:

    I just finished reading Phil’s book. I strongly recommend it.

  2. Joe Says:

    sorry to hijack this post but Jolly has been indicted again:


  3. DaveK Says:

    Joe- I was wondering if the DA was ever going to refile those charges. From my limited understanding, Jolly was charged with having a large amount of codeine in his car. However, the codeine was mixed in a cup with some juice and the total amount of liquid was used in the measurement and the subsequent charges. Another case in TX got tossed because of this and they had to drop the charges against Jolly until the criminal lab could purchase and learn how to use a new piece of equipment that could measure the amount of drug in the cocktail. Regardless, the legal process will play out months from now which is good for the Packers but probably extremely bad for Jolly’s bank account.

  4. Cindy V Says:

    There’s a new Lombardi book out as well. I saw it in the Packer Pro Shop and purchased it for my stepdad. I don’t have the title handy because I wrapped the book last night.

  5. Phil Hanrahan Says:

    Andrew, thanks for the Packergeeks welcome! Foundinidaho, thanks for picking up the book and sharing your endorsement. Jon, great post – and that’s really cool that you’re staying in touch with both Bob Fisher and Santiago Gardner – the book created this little Packer-fan fraternity that reaches from coast to coast. And to those reading these posts, Jon and I actually didn’t know each other (for all intents and purposes) before the book, either. We’d met once and exchanged maybe 10 words four years ago before a pickup softball game in Los Angeles. Fast forward to the Packers-Cowboys game at Lambeau last year. I’m sitting with my dad, look up at the jumbotron, and there’s Jon from Los Angeles on the big screen, selected as “Tailgater of the Game.” I recognized the name more than the face. Total happenstance – just like his mom taking a field-level photo with Jay-Z that same game. I tell these stories in the book.

  6. Santiago Says:

    I’ve been visiting Green Bay since 2004,I met Phil in october 2008 when the packers hosted the colts,that was special ocassion.

    After taking the legends of Lombardi tour, a man proached to me and we star talking , he was Phil Hanrahan and he asked me some questions to me,last year(2009) I had the wonderful experience to meet him again,when he singing books in Green Bay,I remember one man whose name is joe that asked me to sign his book wow !I feel like a celebrety.
    Chapter 2 of his book LIFE AFTER BRETT explains everthing of my interview with Phil. Every packerfan in this world must have this wonderful book.

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