Is Korey Hall the key to it all?


The other day, for some reason, it simply occurred to me that when Korey Hall plays, the Packers tend to win. Don’t know why this occurred to me but it did. So I did some research to see if this thought had statistical backing.

  • 2009: The Packers are 6-2 so far this year when Hall has played
  • 2008: During the Packers dismal 6-10 season, the Packers were 6-5 when Hall played
  • 2007: During the Packers quality 13-3 season, the Packers were 12-2 when Hall played
  • Total: The Packers are 24-9 when Korey Hall plays – compare that to their overall 27-17 record since he’s been here.

No, I’m not trying to make too serious a point here about the critical presence of Korey Hall. But I do believe that sometimes, there are certain guys who have a winning sort of aura about them – and perhaps Hall has that. Korey Hall’s winning legacy stretches back to college, when in 38 games over 3 years, he and his Boise State Broncos won an impressive 33 times – including the undefeated 2006 season that was capped off by the dramatic OT victory over Adrian Peterson’s Oklahoma Sooners.

Perhaps the key to our playoff run is quite simply Korey Hall playing in the remaining games.


7 Responses to “Is Korey Hall the key to it all?”

  1. Phil Hanrahan Says:

    Andrew, I think you’re onto something! And recall it was Hall who made that awesome grab of the Rodgers corkscrew TD pass against the Vikes in game one of 2008 – a 1-yarder Rodgers told me was his favorite pass of the year. It was a pass of considerable moment – one small pass in the stats, one great pass for … the new-era Packers. And though Rodgers might have great onfield chemistry with Finley, Hall is #12’s cribbage partner during training camp – the all-important dorm cribbage. In the baseball realm, Craig Counsell has had something of that winning aura – a role player with a track record of – quite often – winning. In 2008, K. Hall made a lot of key special teams tackles during wins.

  2. Packers Daily Links 12.10.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] are certain guys who have a winning sort of aura about them – and perhaps Hall has that," writes Hayes. "Korey Hall’s winning legacy stretches back to college, when in 38 games over 3 years, he […]

  3. AZ Warrior Says:

    Shane Battier may be Hall’s basketball equiv. Good article by Michael Lewis, he of “The Blind Side”.

  4. Phil Hanrahan Says:

    Great call on Battier by AZ Warrior. Looking at my post from late last night, I think I needed to add a smiley face emoticon or something to that in-jest point about cribbage. Still liking “The Korey Theory,” though.

  5. DaveK Says:

    I had a interesting Indian statistics professor in college who loved Led Zeppelin and Brett Favre. He once gave us credit for anyone that could figure out the NFL QB rating method. I can still hear him pounding on the lectern and shouting “correlation does not equal causation”.

  6. foundinidaho Says:

    As Korey’s fellow Idahoan, you just made my day. 🙂

  7. Ace Says:

    Andy—try the same thing with games in which Nick Barnett played. might also work with Mark Tauscher. Just a hunch.

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