Charles Woodson for MVP idea catching on


Read here from PFT. Woodson is in their mix of 5 MVP candidates. And then read the comments made by Chicago’s offensive coordinator Ron Turner. He is deadly accurate summarizing Woodson’s ubiquity and overall greatness. Turner’s credibility, however, is somewhat questionable considering that right now, he probably thinks all corners the Bears have played against are fantastic.


2 Responses to “Charles Woodson for MVP idea catching on”

  1. DaveK Says:

    If the Packers win out, this defense keeps their #1 ranking, and he has a few more big games he might have a shot. Those big games will have to include highlights like pick-sixes, sack-fumbles, etc… He’ll also need that QB group to lose some games.

    Chicago Trib is reporting the Hester has not practiced all week and unless he practices today he will not play. That would free up Tramon to cover Knox with S help thus freeing up Woodson to cover Olsen or blitz and just cause his usual havoc.

    I also wonder how the Steelers react to their loss last night to the Browns. They have no chance of getting into the playoffs at this point. Do they fold for GB next week? Or, do they get fired up? Regardless, they don’t appear to be a very good team. They have lost to KC, Oak, and the Browns.

  2. 56Coop Says:

    He did not practice today but I’ll believe he is not playing when he is not on the field.

    Packer’s need to think aobut Pittsburgh next week. Bears for now.

    As it stands now if Pack is number 2 wild card they have to play Cards, Saints, & winner of Eagles/Cowboys/Vikings. If they become the number 1 wild card seed then it’s Cowboys/Vikings. OF course this all changes if Saints lose #1 seed but I don’t see that happening. I can’t decide which scenario I prefer (not that it matters) Oh well, mere speculation anyway.


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