Quick thoughts on AZ/MN game


While most of my attention is presently focused on tonight’s Packer game, I wanted to throw out a few thoughts from last night’s AZ/MN game.

  • I picked AZ to win last night and was a bit surprised more people didn’t do this. AZ is a very hot team right now and their defense is evolving nicely under Billy Davis – their capable new D-Coordinator. Last night, the defense looked very sharp – and of course their offense remains so difficult to defend with those WRs and great pass blocking by Tim Hightower (great comments by Chris Collinsworth on this by the way). Warner also just looks good – and already smart player who has the luxury of being able to rely on the talent of his WRs.
  • AP should have had more than 13 carries. I know he only had a shocking 19 yards with those 13 carries and the MN line was dinged –  but he’s way to good to not eventually break one. The far bigger problem, however, with taking him out of the game like they did was that the MN offense became one-dimensional and the AZ defense was quite content to just drop back and expect passes.
  • Favre didn’t look great last night. It was the first time this season I saw that “we’re going to lose this game” look on his face – and it appeared in the 3rd quarter before they had truly lost.
  • It would be nice if this were the start of a slide – even a mini-slide. The Vikes needed their confidence shaken and I think a few more losses will accomplish this nicely.
  • I hate the Vikings, yes, but last night I felt pretty badly for EJ Henderson. He’s a very good player who is key for the Vikes and he’s obviously done for the year now. Besides the injury just being disgusting, I felt badly that he was in major pain  (I’ve heard breaking your femur is high on the list of most painful injuries). Losing Henderson may be extra painful for the Vikes though – especially for the stretch run…a time when historically, they are known to collapse.

5 Responses to “Quick thoughts on AZ/MN game”

  1. Aaron Nagler Says:

    “AZ is a very hot team right now” – Sure…after last night. They didn’t look ‘hot’ last week getting killed by Vince Young 😉

  2. foundinidaho Says:

    I even tweeted that Brent had “that” look on his face – I saw it too and went, oh boy, Viking fans, you are not going to like what happens next. It didn’t bother me a bit to see it, however. Not as good as us beating the Vikes, but somewhat satisfying nonetheless.

  3. TheChoj Says:

    The Cards were playing out of their minds last night, and I REALLY hope that they actually showed people last night how to beat the Vikes, not sure they did, but I can hope

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    RE: Henderson. I feel bad most times when someone gets hurt. I didn’t watch the game but heard about it at the office. Yes, injuries are part of the game but it still sucks for the guy to lose his season with something like this.

  5. Pete Says:

    Nice pick-up. I was to talking to guys at work today about Farve’s loserface, immediately before he threw an interception.

    Since he joined the ‘queens, Farve is a more compelling player to watch. I like to marvel at how well he can play behind a solid line, familiar offense with a great RB. And strangely, at the same time, I now really enjoy the meltdown desperation moments when he “puts it all on his shoulders” and just tosses it into the scrum. With the loserface it is pure entertainment.

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