Old Man Injuries link


56, others who’ve requested a link to Brother Steve’s Old Man Injuries article over at the Weekly Standard. Here it is.


6 Responses to “Old Man Injuries link”

  1. Cindy V Says:

    Old ladies have injuries like that, too.

  2. 56Coop Says:

    Thanks, definitely worth the read, kicking like an overturned turtle–LMAO

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Oh & Steve–bigger fonts please 😉

  4. Tom Freeman Says:

    Andy, thanks for sharing this as I had not seen it. Steve – you think it is bad now, just wait. 56 – I think the Weekly Standard is (sadly) designed with older readers in mind, as it has an “Increase Font Size” button right on the article’s page.

  5. sfhayes Says:

    Ha, I figured it gets worse. Today it’s my neck. I’m not a whiner, but…

  6. 56Coop Says:

    lol Thanx Tom, I’ll look for that next time

    Cindy V–I’m sure they do. Back to an earlier post of yours–You really think Favre may stay at the Vikes longer than next year. I mean I realize they are a good team and all but a 42 year old full time QB? He is a freak of nature though, you could very well be right.

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