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What the hell was that?

November 8, 2009

Of all times NOT to abandon the run – 3rd and 13 draw? That draw didn’t make any sense at all. If the goal there would have been to at least get a few yards to get a field goal, that’s one thing – but a few yards wouldn’t have put us in field goal position anyway. Even if that draw would have gotten us a first down – I would have posted something questioning that call. Just don’t get that.

Rodgers threw one away!

November 8, 2009

Finally. Good play by Rodgers – though that was pretty close to roughing passer. I prefer it when the refs don’t call that all the time, but it does seem Rodgers isn’t protected by the refs as much as say Favre or Brady.

AJ Hawk!!!

November 8, 2009

Finally – a great play by Hawk. Great play. I love the fact that he just put his head down and went for the tackle instead of reacting to what Freeman may/may not do – great play Hawk.

Tremendous catch/play by Rodgers/Driver – tremendous

November 8, 2009

I’d submit that that was a pass TD set up by the run. That’s why we need to keep running the ball.

Seems like the o-line is playing with more violence today

November 8, 2009

Not sure if it’s simply because Tausch/Clifton are starting or what, but the line seems more reckless and violent, like a good o-line needs to be. Grant also looking strong today. Hungry.

Rodgers having a bunch of time today

November 8, 2009

I know TB’s pass rush is suspect, but so far, looks like the move to the veterans is paying off. Now, let’s run the damn ball. I just don’t get this MM pass bias – it’s not a good balance.


November 8, 2009

The Packers may well win this game.  But four minutes into the second quarter they are tied with an entirely inferior opponent.  And our punt team just allowed three Bucs — three — to come through the line untouched.  Really, that’s just embarrassing.

The defense has looked almost nonchalant today — as if they think they’ll win just by flying to Tampa.    (Charles Woodson has been the notable exception.  Nick Collin — terrible so far.)


November 8, 2009

This isn’t funny. I figured TB would hang around a bit in the first half, but this is ridiculous. We need to march right down the field here and score a TD. We responded well to the last mistake (Rodgers’ pick), so let’s see how we respond here.

Nick Barnett also looking good today

November 8, 2009

I like the energy with which Barnett has been playing lately. He has been playing inspired football.

Josh Freeman looks really good

November 8, 2009

I wouldn’t say our defense has been bad. We’ve gotten through on a couple blitzes now but Freeman has made quality moves to avoid the rush and complete passes. I’m impressed so far by the guy. Now, let’s see how he handles throwing a costly pick.


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