Charles Woodson for MVP


Not sure who said this initially (Joshy?) but I honestly don’t think it’s a stretch to say Woodson is one of the most valuable players in the NFL. He does more for his defense from the corner spot than most MLBs can do for their team. He finds a way to disrupt opposing offenses every single week – even in weeks when QBs try to throw away from him. He is a great cover corner, great at interceptions, great at stripping the ball causing fumbles (which he just did there) and possibly most importantly, he is fantastic tackler.

And for those of you who saw the pregame special on Woodson donating $2 million to a children’s hospital in Michigan, you know his greatness isn’t restricted to the football field.


31 Responses to “Charles Woodson for MVP”

  1. Kozak Says:

    I’d love to see it, but as we all know, “he who shall remain nameless” is the front runner unless the Queens melt down…

  2. 56Coop Says:

    At the very least, Defensive player of the year

  3. 56Coop Says:

    At the nephews for Thanksgiving yesterday then had to drive a an hour or so, so have not watched the entire game yet. (Thank you DVR), but from what I saw, Crosby needs to GO, & Raji is starting to finally have some impact.

  4. Cindy V Says:

    What is up with Mason? He’s kicking indoors amd muffs at 43 yarder? I though he had such a strong leg yet on kcik-offs (still indoors) the ball goes to the 5 or 10 yard line. No touchbacks. Seriously, is he injured or is something going on in his head?

  5. Ax in Dallas Says:

    Agree with Coop. Why have we not brought in a FA placekicker yet? It would at least let Crosby know his job is no safer than anyone elses. His current body of work is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

    Big game next week…we’ll see if we can keep this thing going.

  6. Ron La Canne Says:

    Look at the number of turn around plays Woodson has made inside the Red Zone. I can’t remember a more dominant defensive player since the days of Nitchke and White. Without Woodson playing this year Capers is still two years away from a well oiled machine.

    If the Packers go to the playoffs, Woodson is the reason why. He single-handedly has saved so many ST errors I can’t count them all.

  7. campbell Says:

    The Packers are now living up to their pre-season billing. Kudos to the entire group. I don’t know if Woodson will earn a nod for league MVP, he certainly deserves it. But he IS the Packer MVP. I whined about a lack of passion etc.. but singlehandedly, when this team truly needed a leader, Woodson took the mantle and responded with fire and determination.

    I feel he is most responsible for their march to the post-season. There can still be pitfalls in the last 5 games, but Woodson has now ensconced himself on the Lambeau Field Ramparts. His motto emblazoned on his uniform.

    Challenge us…if you dare.

  8. Bear85 Says:

    That donation to the U of M gives him about 2 million votes for SI Sportsman of the Year, wouldn’t you say?

  9. 56Coop Says:

    Nice post Campbell, nice post.

    Williams played much better than I was counting on, nice play calling on both sides of the ball for the most part.

    Then of course the caveat, it was Detroit. Next Monday is a big day for the Packers.

    (Couldn’t just say grain of salt, had to say caveat–it’s the “Campbell” affect you know).

  10. foundinidaho Says:

    Hell, if Brent won Sportsman of the Year, Woodson definitely should.

  11. campbell Says:

    56Coop..I’m being nice for the holiday season. If they plummet on their posteriors..Beware 🙂

    OT..Egads and Gadzooks, I’M watching the Vikes game in a Manhattan sports bar and The old guy in Minny can still throw the football. One happy drunk opined “ can see smoke”

    Ah, in vino veritas.

    Needless to say, he was a MN fan..or maybe a Packerfan loath to watch the game in the usual Packer haunt, “Kettle of Fish”

    • PackerBelle Says:

      Favre can still play, I know I certainly wanted him back for another season before he retired (the first time). Although I wonder how well he’d be doing if the Vikings had a tougher schedule. After all, they’ve only beaten one team with a winning record thus far in the season – the Pack.

  12. Joe Says:

    You know who the MVP is Vince Young. Titans were 0-6 then they pulled Collins and put in Young – everything else stayed the same and they went 5-0.

  13. Aaron Rogders Says:

    I wouldn’t want to know what the defense is like with Woodson gone….

  14. Ron La Canne Says:

    AR – Amen! He is looking just like another All-Pro Capers developed. Rod Woodson!

  15. Travis Says:

    well hopefully this draft/ and even possibly free agency we take a good look and really improve our CB/Oline.

    I can see bringing in a free agent olinemen etc, and what i mean by improving CB is Woodson is actually one of the greatest i’ve ever seen. I LOVE this guy, he is amazingly good! But i know his age, and we won’t be getting that play down the road, plus Harris old too, has had 2 back to back season ending injuries. We need to start producing CB(s) for the future, as well as stiffning up that Oline.

    You want to know a great reason for the vikings success? Their Oline. Aswell as their Dline. I would go to say Rodgers can basically match Favre’s ability in the same circumstances. Rodgers has put up very very nice top 5 numbers this year, all with being sacked 40+ times. Favre who has not been sacked a whole lot is doing about the same or better. Some of the sacks are Rodgers fault, not sure how come that isn’t been corrected, all though things have gotten alot better.

    I’m just saying Rodgers is a hell of a player. Has a great chance to be a packer for years to come, and I’m sure he’ll see the hall of fame and pro bowls to come. And the big part of the vikings success is a strong online up front. This off season we need to start creating that. And we also need to develop the defensive pressure, with the guys up front as well as the linebackers.

    I’m not trying to take anything from Favre, he’s doing it all at 40 years old and is making very nice throws and decisions. But the pieces are in place when there is a elite oline and dline. oline allows qb to be effective, and it allows the rb to be effective. the dline creates pressure allowing the defense to be effective.

    • Ben Says:

      I think in a normal year, Rodgers may be a favorite for MVP. However, so many guys are going crazy this year that he will be lucky to make the top 5 in voting.

      The MVP really doesn’t mean who is most valuable to ones team (at least thats not how the voters view the award). If it was, Favre should have won it in 2001 when he went 12-4 with an over the hill Freeman and the average at best Billy Schroeder as his WR’s. Instead, he finished 3rd in voting behind Warner and Faulk, who were on the same team. Figure that one out. Its about who puts up the best numbers on a team with a lot of wins. At this point, Favre has better numbers and more wins than Rodgers. Is that fair to determine MVP, probably not, but thats the way it is.

  16. Charles Woodson For MVP | Cheesehead TV Says:

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  17. 56Coop Says:

    Travis–I think you need to throw in a new Kciker in that lineup. Everytime I see Longwell bang a 52-53 yarder through the posts I just want to throw things. Crosby isn’t getting it done.

  18. Travis Says:

    Actually coop i totally agree as i’ve been thinking this for a while. Forgot to mention it. Even punting is an issue that i’m not comfortable with. Better than last years havoc after jon ryan was stupidly cut, but in no way is it deemed any good. Crosby is not consistent and a lot of important things come down to the wire, and I dont’ want him to be given the ball when it’s all on the line.

    And ben, I wasn’t argueing for Rodgers as MVP. I get what your saying and I do agree.. Rodgers deserves credit for what he’s done, not to say he should get mvp, but he definately deserves attention.
    I’m basically just pointing out at a team perspective, that this is why Minnesota is 9-1. While I think they should of last a couple of those games, the number is 9-1 and so thats what it is. I think if we had an oline that could contend minnesota’s, as well as defensive pressure that could contend minnesota’s, we could put up a very good fight.

    With the way our defense has played as of late, (we’ll have to see the impact still in regards to harris and kampman) its hard envision what it would be like if we had a defense that could provide pressure like Minnesota can. And with our offense being quite productive (except red zones are a problem), how dominate would it be if we had the protection like Minnesota has.

    Favre’s doing well, but he’s on a team with those 2 pieces. And those 2 pieces basically form the puzzle. And for all of you that want Favre back, it wouldn’t be a whole lot different. Rodgers is doing very well especially for 2nd year starter. I’d rather take that with years to come, with some promising things. And while this year is far from over, and we definately have a chance to make a push, this off season will be crucial. If we can mount a much improved oline and have a dominate pass rush next year could be a great one. And that likely means woodson will still be producing very well, because if we put the pieces together years from now, we won’t have his help which is a big loss.

    MM/TT people have noticed the things you’ve done lately, and because the team has played much better lately, the heat has cooled down. But if everyone watches you guys in the off season and sit on your ass again.. that could and may very well be your very last chance. Time to hit the homerun this offseason, and make very very good moves from either free agency or the draft. Unfortunately, if we keep MM/TT next year and we can them after that, we can’t get Cower, we can’t get Shanahan etc etc. Lets just win this!

  19. campbell Says:

    Divergent, lively and thoughtful opinions nourish discussion groups.


    Had Rodgers asserted himself in the 2 Viking games, because despite all of the sacks he took, he still had time and opportunity to win both games. Had he done so, we are looking at him as an MVP candidate, the Packers as division leaders and Rodgers as a team leader alongside Woodson.

    Rodgers is obviously a good guy. Excellent character and a fitting ambassador for the Packer franchise. I just won’t agree with all the kudos, especially for the future, thrown his way until he has a signature “moment” in a crucial game.

    I know some of you diminish Favre’s Viking record and scoff at any mention of league MVP, but no less a person than Tony Dungy said that he was the MVP.
    December dawns..the best month of the year!

    • PackerBelle Says:

      “Had Rodgers asserted himself in the 2 Viking games, because despite all of the sacks he took, he still had time and opportunity to win both games.”

      Maybe we were watching different games, but I was in the 2nd row of one of the endzones in the Dome for the Packer/Viking game and Rodgers was basically running for his life the whole time. And yet he still managed to help the team score 24 points. The defense was more the problem than the offense (although the O-line sucked). They got no pressure on Favre and that allowed him to have lots of time to make plays.

      As for a signature ‘moment’ in a crucial game, a 50 yard touchdown pass to go ahead with 1:11 left in the Chicago game? Or his two crucial third down passes in the Dallas game?

      • campbell Says:

        I voiced a different opinion from yours and I hope that is permitted. I wish Rodgers every success, but I obviously see him through a plainer prism than you.

        It’s not important, and despite our differences, the full moon will still rise mid-week.

        Btw, AR’s late TD in the Bears game was similar to Favre’s much later TD in the Niner game, but the latter feat was categorised on these pages as “lucky”.

        I guess it depends on whose prism is being viewed.

  20. Doug in Sandpoint Says:

    One thing we are missing in the Favre MVP discussion is the effect he has had on the Viking reciving corps. They are playing exceedingly well and most of them attribute it to Favre and his leadership. This is progression and learning that may not be taking place with our young receivers…or at least not to the same extent. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have AR for the next 10 years than 2 more of Favre, but there is a cost. And it still sucks that they didn’t have to give up anything to get him. It is my sinful nature, but I still just wish a minor career ending injury for him.

    Can’t wait for the future when the Vikings revert to form and the Bears still have Cuttler and no draft choices. But that has always been the decision. A heck of future with AR versus the identical present with Favre and then years of rebuilding.

  21. 56Coop Says:

    Ron’s gonna hate me for this but I have recently had a Favre epiphany. I’m not going to get into the whole divorce debate because I think there is fault to lay at both partites feet and in my view the scale tips heavily towards Favre. HE did NOT want to play for TT & the GB Packers.

    That being said, after all he has done for the Packers I am willing to “move on”. Yes, revenge was a factor. Hell, he’s human although for 16 years he seemed slightly elevated of that status.

    As it turns out he was right. Yes, he got his revenge but in hindsight I wish we would have just traded him to the Vikes last year and got something for him, like a 1st round pick & maybe Percy Harvin. Whether or not he could have beat us last year will never be known but he definitely got us this year.

    I truly believe the only reason he is on the Vikes right now is because he knew it was his last shot at a ring. He’s on a stacked team, in a dome (although a crappy one), he’s basically free to do whatever he wants and he has to do less on the field than he would have on any other team. All he had to do was mentor Harvin a little bit. He’s got a good shot at it unless he pulls his regular playoff slump, which I hope he does, in a way. I’m worried if he chokes again this year he’ll be back next year. Maybe if he wins it all this year he will finally retire.

    The time will come quickly (one more year at most) when the NFC North belongs to us again. Hell, even if the Vikes get Tevow I stil think we can play with them.

    Travis as far as I am concerned there is no heat off of MM/TT but that may be just me. If TT totally disregards FA this year I may drive up there and personally kick his ass all over GB (just kidding Packerbelle).

    I’m not happy with the way things ended with Favre/GB but the devil gets his due. He’s one hell of a QB. All I want is him off of the Vikes ASAP so I can get this bad taste out of my mouth and if it takes a SB so be it. Unless a few pieces are replaced in the GB Packer puzzle I don;t thnk they can beat a Favre led Vike team next year either. He knows them to well and I don;t care what type defense is thrown at him, he’s seen it.

    That’s just MHO plus my 2 cents.

  22. campbell Says:

    56Coop..what a spirited post and worth more than 2cents.

    Doug in Sandpoint…..”I still just wish a minor career ending injury on him..”

    Be careful what you say even in jest. The truest adage is “What goes around comes around”

    • PackerBelle Says:

      Tell that the the Viking fans sitting behind me at the Dome at the Packer/Viking game this year. They were screaming for Allen to go for Rodgers knees and for Rodger to be hurt badly enough to be out for the season, if not ending his career.

  23. Aaron Says:

    campbell – if you don’t recognize Rodgers accomplishments in the Dallas game, namely his two huge 3rd down throws on the first TD drive, as ‘signature’ big game moments, well, you just don’t know football very well.

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  25. Doug in Sandpoint Says:

    Wow Campbell, this might explain my recent shoulder surgery ending my waterskiing for the year. Not that waterskiing is much of a career for an out-of-shape 46 year old. I take it back…I don’t want to see him hurt. Just really sucky over the rest of his career. Now maybe karma will lay off a bit.

  26. PackerBelle Says:

    Campbell, of course you are permitted to voice an opposing opinion. I don’t believe I ever said or implied differently. But it is only fair that I am allowed to express disagreement with your opinions. Especially when you make comments like “Had Rodgers asserted himself in the 2 Viking games, because despite all of the sacks he took, he still had time and opportunity to win both games.” which I felt was directly contradicted by what I witnessed in MN.

    I don’t recall saying Favre got ‘lucky’ in the 49 game, I do know my dad was in the endzone where the catch was made and he felt that it was more luck and bad defense than skill. But even if you say that Rodgers was ‘lucky’ in the Bears game, you have to say that his clutch throws during the Dallas game were signature moments.

    As for which prism is being viewed, most of us here readily admit that Rodgers has areas he needs to improve, including having more signature moments. Numbers are great but not with the corresponding ‘W’. But Rodgers is in his second year of getting extensive playing time and he’s shown he can put up the big numbers, be a leader on the team and he’s starting to show that he can carry the team. And he’s probably only to continue to get better.

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