Bad news for Packers’ D


Read here from Greg Bedard as Aaron Kampman and Al Harris out for the season. Ugly. While Harris gave up a few big plays this year, overall, he was a solid corner. We will miss him in particular. As Bedard notes, if this is true and Kampman is out for the year, it’s too bad for him career-wise.

Filling these holes will be difficult. Tramon Williams has had his moments, but in a few games this year (the MN game at Lambeau in particular) teams have clearly game-planned to go right at him. He’s not a very physical corner (Harris is) and interestingly, he has particular issues covering the slant pattern. Still, he’ll have to be our guy now – let’s hope he can do it. I think Brad Jones may end up doing pretty well so I’m less concerned re Kampman’s injury.

But the one factor that may not be talked about much elsewhere is the loss of their locker room and on-field leadership. For a team with few true/respectable veterans leaders, this really hurts. McCarthy, Rodgers, Charles Woodson, Pickett, Barnett, Tauscher – these guys need to step up and get this team through this stretch. This team is 6-4 with a decent chance to make a playoff push.



10 Responses to “Bad news for Packers’ D”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    Stuff like this reminds you why there is so much luck involved in a successful football season. When have two key guys gone down like that, untouched, with the exact same injury within minutes of each other? crazy.
    Football-wise I actually think that Kampman’s loss might end up helping the team. he was simply not a good fit in this scheme but his past performance and his unquestionable class as a person and effort made it hard to replace him with someone who was a better fit. Hopefully this does not lead to the return of Poppiniga to regular playing time. I have hope that Brad Jones and Bishop might get on the field more because of this and make contributions.
    Harris is a much bigger loss because it moves us down the depth chart at a position that is always vulnerable on every team. Traman Williams is respectable, with flaws, but now we get the rookie underwood in the mix (is Pat Lee still on the team?) and whoever else steps up in line.

    As for the game yesterday in general, if the O-line can play just decent, not great, this team has the chance to be what they looked like in the pre-season when we all got excited. Grant seems to be picking up steam as the season goes along. Loved seeing Brandon Jackson in the game plan and jermichael Finley could be the next TE star in the league.

  2. Trav Says:

    With the short week, it will be interesting to see how people repond. They are past the point of having to learn the scheme and deal more with adjustments and situatuonal items for each opponent. There should be no excuses and is more a matter of whether these young back up players can prove that they are indeed starters-in-waiting or simply career role players. Or even more specific, if TT’s ‘get better through the draft’ works. The proof will be this week and the coming weeks. Adds a whole new dynamic to Thursday’s game.

  3. DaveK Says:

    Harris could match up and play the #1 receiver effectively leaving Woodson to take the elite TE’s, the #2 receiver, blitz, etc… Now Woodson is going to be running with the #1 receiver most plays and Capers loses all that flexibility he had with Woodson. Terrible blow to this defense just when they seemed to really turning it on for a late season push.

    I understand Kampman isn’t a perfect 3-4 OLB but they guy will be missed this season. Those 10 snaps a game where he puts his hand on the ground and rushes the QB will be missed and no one on the roster can replace that or his leadership. He was also in middle of having his best game on the year when he went down.

    Aside from the x’s and o’s of the situation I feel horrible for Kampman this being his contract year. An ACL injury at his age and at his position is going to cost him millions and he may not be ready for the start of the season. He could be in the same boat that Tauscher was this year. The Packers also lose any value they could have gotten for him if they would have tagged him and then traded him.

    OK – enough moaning….this team has a chance to win 3 in a row on Thursday. Time for offense to fire it up and dominate against a dreadful Lions defense. I’m talking about 8 minute TD drives that keep our defense off the field. Injuries just happen in the NFL. Good coaches and teams work around it. Get a win on Thursday and then they have 10 days to prep for the Ravens at home.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    I really don’t think we will ever know the impact Kampman’s injury will have on the season. Caper’s seemed to be utilizing him to his strengths more & more. His best games were yet to come.

    DaveK’s 1st paragraph sums up Harris’ impact. He could get beat from time to time but with him in Woodson could be flexible. Underwood made a few decent hits on ST’s but he just seems to small to me. Don’t think he’ll last long if/when he becomes a starter. Now is the time for William’s to shine. Please don’t use Bush.

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    you know – harris IS a big loss. but after thinking about it for a bit, why can’t we just stick with what was working – i’m sure there’ll be a little bit of dropoff covering teams’ #1 wr – but i think having flexibility with woodson is too valuable to give up, and i hope capers sees it that way. woodson is a wild card, and should be moved around – one of his best attributes is his ability to ‘hide’ from the qb until the ball is thrown, always keeping the qb guessing as to where he is on the field. that’s become a huge advantage for this packer d as they get big turnovers in big spots.

    and you know what harris’ biggest weakness is? covering giganto, speedy wideouts who can endure his physicality and then turn on the burners to beat him deep. sounds a little like a certain #1 in detroit. i’m not sure tramon will be any better, but i say stick with the current gameplan.

    the problem is the #3’s and the #4’s. underwood – rookie. bush – is bush. one is a complete mystery, and the other blows more coverages than … someone who blows a lot of coverages.

    my conclusion? collins and bigby better step things up. charles, keep doing what you’re doing.

  6. TheChoj Says:

    how quickly do you think we could clone Woodson?

  7. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    choj. 22 weeks. please don’t ask how i know that, or any other follow up questions. i gave up mad scientist-ing years ago, and i’m very happy now. very happy. serenity now.

  8. 56Coop Says:

    22weeks? Joshy, come back to the fold, we have it down to 19 weeks, 3 days.

  9. 56Coop Says:

    Hearing rumours that Culpepper may get the go on Thursday due to Stafford’s shoulder injury. Not quite sure how to feel about that.

  10. TheChoj Says:

    56- I think there’s an advantage that Culpepper won’t have a full week of practice to prepare…the Pack did alright without him or Calvin in the game earlier in the year (and he might not go again on Thurs.)

    Although, the Lions always seem to bring their best against the Pack on Thanksgiving, always makes me a bit nervous.

    joshy- can we get it down to 4 weeks so we can have Woodson2.0 by the Pitt game?

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