I don’t have an Iphone.  But I might have to get one.  There is a new Iphone app that finds wing restaurants.  And a website.

Why didn’t I invent that?  (Ed: Because you are a techno-moron.)

Just awesome.

9 Responses to “Kluckr”

  1. Cate Says:

    There are a lot of great reasons to get an iPhone (I’m addicted to mine) but I’m not sure an app for finding wings is one of those reasons… 😉

  2. bucky Says:

    Ok, that website sucks. I understand it may not have good info on Bangor, where I currently reside. But Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale has a ton of wing places, most notably the Native New Yorker (I lived around the corner from a Native in Tempe, and it was like being in heaven) and the Vine (the original is right across the street from ASU). Neither of thos eplaces show up on Kluckr. Instead you get Applebees, Wing Street (Pizza Hut), and BW3. That’s not very helpful.

  3. sfhayes Says:

    With you, bucky. I should have specified that it’s a great IDEA but not yet a great site. They don’t have Washington, DC, yet. Weak.

    It’ll be good once real people start filling it in, I suspect.

  4. bucky Says:

    I agree that it is a great idea. And one that, if they ever get the good wing places up, I may wind up using from time to time.

  5. Mark Says:

    Hi Bucky, Sfhayes and Cate,
    Thanks for the feedback on Kluckr and you are right…the list isnt there yet. . We are only 3 weeks old. We are really looking to people that love wings to tell us where the great places are and in the meanwhile we are going city by city and adding places. Sorry we havent gotten to yours yet.

    If you can help us that would be great so the next time someone looks in Tempe they will be satisfied with the list. In the meanwhile if you want to send me personally the list you can reach me at mark@kluckr.com.

    Your comments are really appreciated so please right me if you have more ideas to make it better


    Mark Gilmor
    Big Ol’ Kluckr

    PS we scraped applebees from the list but evidently there are a few stragglers from the original 3000 locations.

  6. Cindy V Says:

    Last summer my 12 year-old nephew visited me for a week. Our goal was to find the best chicken wings in Milwaukee. We ate at different places for both lunch and dinner everyday. We also took a camcorder and posted a video on YouTube. You can find it if your search for “Milwaukee Chicken Wings.”

  7. mgilmo Says:

    Hi CIndy Bucky Cate and Sfhayes,

    Thanks for the critique of the site. We are young(3weeks old) and trying to make the data as good as possible. Its a combination of us adding locations and you adding locations. But we can definitely do better.

    You can write me directly at mark@kluckr.com. I would like to get your feedback.

    BTW i tried to leave a similar note this morning but it didnt work I guess.

  8. sfhayes Says:

    Cindy V,
    Even if you’re technically his aunt, he should regard you as his Great Aunt.

  9. Mark Says:

    Check out Arizona now I think it is much better. But if you know of more places please add them. Also my uncle lived in Bangor and if you could add some places there to make the Content better that would be great.

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