Jeff Triplette


He sucks.  Really.  He’s absolutely awful.  His crew has missed several obvious calls on the Cowboys — a hold on Brad Jones blitz and a non-call on Mike Jenkins grabbing Greg Jennings — and called a couple ticky-tack penalties on both teams.


5 Responses to “Jeff Triplette”

  1. Kozak Says:

    Okay. End of the 3rd quarter and nothing but respect for the Packers D.
    Playing the game of the year.

    And just maybe the offense is waking up.

    GO PACK!

  2. Philly Phan Says:

    Wow, yeah they sucked…. however they handed the packers the game,… so im not sure what your complaining about.

    Packer Holds?
    Cant review a fumble?
    Face mask in the end zone?
    Allowing the pace of the game to be stopped for a third challenge??? Hey Jeff how bout giving us the delay of game????

    hmmmmm, Im confused on how it was so bad for the packers to have this crew???

    Merrry Christmas Packers fans

  3. Philly Phan Says:

    Oh dont forget the 1st 1/4 Aaron rodgers fumble that wouldve been returned for a td…. instead the ruled the ball dead (obvious fumble), and called a non existant hands to the face on Jenkins.

    hahahahah these guys should officiate Flag football …or CFL

  4. Kozak Says:

    WOW.Just Wow!

  5. Joe Says:

    No one said it was good or bad for the Pack – just that these guys suck as an officiating crew.

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