Congrats to the Vikings


A hearty Wisconsin congratulations to our western neighbors on avoiding blackouts for three consecutive home games.  According to PFT, the Vikings have sold out upcoming games against the Lions, the Seahawks and the Bears.  I guess technically they’re not sellouts but, according to a Vikings representative, “virtual sellouts,” which, if you’re the Vikings, you’ll take in a heartbeat!  You’ll remember last year as the Vikings made their playoff push, the most suspenseful part of their short run was whether they would sellout and avoid a blackout.

If you’re wondering, the Packers have sold out every game at Lambeau since…1959.




20 Responses to “Congrats to the Vikings”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i have an insane amount of respect for a group of fans that i could never dream to measure up to – i’m not sure i would have lasted through the 70’s and 80’s.

    one super bowl in my lifetime and i’m spoiled rotten compared to all those who filled the seats for decades without any real satisfaction.

    it could always be worse. we could play on turf, in purple.

  2. Cindy V Says:

    My friend and her mother always go to Minnesota to watch the Packers play the Vikings. They get great seat at a reasonable price because the Vikings tickets are so available. Nuf said.

  3. Joe Says:

    my priority number on the season ticket waiting list is 5267. I have been on the list since I was 12 – I am in my mid 30’s.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    That Ol’ Gunslinger still puts ’em in the seats–bastard
    (Sorry Campbell, couldn’t resist)

    • campbell Says:

      Yesterday, Packerkids and The Young Pretender had a Kumbaya meeting, complete with lo-cal smores and veggie hotdogs. The somewhat somber festivities ended with a resounding resolution to “Beat those ‘Boys!”on sunday.

      Totally OT..NYC’s Morgan Library has a fascinating exhibit on Jane Austen, (no, her distant relative is not Romo’s new fav. receiver) In her era, paper was expensive and she invariably would fold a sheet in half to make 4 pages. Then she’d turn it sideways and write perpendicular. She wrote fast, her thoughts flying off the page in even the tiniest of spaces. This literary giant was forced to use every available space accorded her and still accomplished immortality. And then, whilst contemplating this I had a surreal moment..and thought of TT. He has bountiful cap space at his disposal..and our beloved Packers flounder around at 4-4, prompting giggles and sneers from the espen talking torsos.

      Life is unfair.

      Go Pack Go!!

  5. Dan Says:

    I’m a proud Viking fan since I was young, and I’m very proud to say I haven’t gone to a game in person for a few years now.

    I’ll watch from home for free and eat my own food and drink good beer versus drinking Bud in a teflon roof covered noise-maker with idiotic sideline newsteams and poor views of the action where I eat $4 brats that were reheated and pay $6 per beer. This is after I spend the time to drive and pay parking and ruin the rest of my enjoyable day with my family fighting traffic.

    Sure, you can argue that going to a game is a measure of how good of a fan you are, but I don’t think the correlation is true.

    I haven’t missed a game since 1982, but the fact that I choose not to waste my money on such a poor experience which is likely to give me a migraine shouldn’t reflect badly on me.

    (I’ve seen more Chiefs games in person than Vikings game just because the experience is better).

  6. 56Coop Says:

    I’ve never been to the Metro but I underdstand it’s pretty much a dump. Even most Vike fans will admit it. Even though there hasn’t been a blackout since 1997, I think, they still have trouble selling it out but there’s all this talk about a new stadium. I’m assuming a new stadium also means a bigger stadium.

    Is the metro so bad that a new stadium will will get more fans to attend? Not sure I’m following this logic.

  7. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    as a veteran’s day aside – the third of the hayes brothers put this short doc together, and i think he wants to do a longer project on this thing, really neat group for vets.

    and yes, this is a shameless self-plug as well, as i recorded a little music for it – but really it is worth seeing this fantastic group of volunteers do a pretty special thing for wwII vets.

  8. Joe Says:

    Thanks for posting that Josh!

  9. 56Coop Says:

    Joshy, as a musician, I’m wondering if that was you playing and was that your composition?

  10. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    it was just me playing some chords – dan had a rough draft of an old tune of mine and he asked if i had an instrumental version of it he could use – i didn’t and couldn’t remember how to play it, so i just made something up that sounded like it and recorded it and sent it to him.

    technology is often frustrating as hell, but sometimes it makes cool things possible. like collaborating on things in a matter of about an hour with people hundreds of miles away.

    and what dan did with this in a matter of hours was fantastic – i hope he does a larger piece on it. apparently when the guys get home from d.c., they throw them a parade and stuff – really make it a personalized sort of veterans thank-you.

  11. 56Coop Says:

    2 more questions & I’ll leave you alone

    What brand of acoustic are you plaing & r u using ProTools?

  12. 56Coop Says:

    playing, dammit, playing.

  13. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    it’s a gibson j-45 rosewood – into my digital 8-track and dumped into garage band. i have both feet still planted in the mid 1990’s gear-wise.

    if you want to talk music, you should drop me an e-mail

  14. Creek Says:

    It is true that the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field have a certain aura attached to their NFL franchise. However the past 2 decades this aura of the Packers has been upheld by one Brett Favre. Now that he is in Minnesota the Viking fans and their football stadium will reap the benefits. Will Lambeau Field in Green bay continue to thrive? I hope so, but tt & mm are causing a great deal of stress and harm to the Packer Legend. So much that it greatly resembles the Packers of the 70’s and 80’s where reaching 500 was a success in “Title Town” here’s hoping things change in a hurry in good old Green Bay!

  15. Dan Says:

    There’s a difference with Vikings football too as to why we don’t sell out.

    1. The experience. I’d sooner watch it at home.

    2. Not the only game in town. Green Bay is the only game in Green Bay. In Minnesota, they fight for audience with Twins, Twolves, Wild. It’s a four sport town. (one of very few. (Chicago, Boston, NY).

    3. The share time with a college team as well. Gopher football, gopher hockey, and gopher basketball are all decent draws which fight for the sports dollar as well.

    4. People in Minnesota just don’t care about football as much. We have a lot of fans who bleed purple as much as GB fans bleed Green. But there are a lot fewer of the “fans” who put on their Favre jersey each Sunday and call themselves fans because everyone else is a Packer fan. (Being a Packer fan is kinda like a religion. You’re parents bring you there on sunday whether you like it or not). In Minnesota, if you don’t like it, chances are you can go with mom or aunt Sue to head to a children’s theater on a Sunday. There’s less cultural alternatives in Green Bay.

  16. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    dan – all very valid points.

    stop giving vikings fans such a good name. your reasonable commentary and points are ruining our perspective that all of you resemble the smarmy group that came out of the woodwork over at cheeseheadtv before and after the last pack-vikings game.

    most sporting events, if i’m paying, i’d rather stay at home. but from what i’ve heard, it sounds like, even with someone footing the bill, a trip to the metrodome is almost a sort of sporting un-experience. like it just steals a tiny bit of your soul and you leave not quite knowing what’s wrong.

    but part of the frustrating part of modern sports is that live events are less and less for fans. they’re for businesses and slick-haired fancypantses. i remember going to miller park the year it opened, and three things struck me – the walkway was carpeted (???), the guys sitting next to us were wearing ties, and a vendor came by soon after i was seated to try and sell me grilled portabella mushrooms. i thought it was some sort of prank. my memory of county stadium was that beer vendor everyone made fun of, and the whole stands yelling back at him “beeea heeeeeeeea.” of course, they were chanting at the vendors because the play on the field was so bad, but at least they were belligerent.

    you can practically buy an lcd tv for the price of tickets that give you a view comparable to the picture quality at most stadiums.

  17. Cindy V Says:

    To a certain point, there is not a lot going on in Green Bay and the Packers are the only ticket in town. In Milwaukee, the Packers used to play half their home games here. They don’t anymore so folks in Milwaukee must drive up to Green Bay. And we do. The Packers divide their home games into a Green package for the Green Bay games and a Gold package for former Milwaukee season ticket holders. And in Milwaukee, we have a lot more things to do than go to a football game. We have the Brewers, the Bucks, hockey with the Admirals, soccer with the Wave. We support TWO indoor football teams (2 differnt leagues), not to mention cultural stuff like Orchestras, Opera companies, and dozens of theater and dance troups. I don’t recall any county stadium games ever being blacked out in the 29+ years I’ve been in Milwaukee. Deep down, I just think we’re better football fans.

  18. Dan Says:

    I think for fans who are seeing the Metrodome for the first time, it can be a good experience, but having been in there 100 times, it’s hard to give up part of a nice fall Sunday fighting tight concourses and that “dome smell” for 3 1/2 hours sitting in tight seats with less than great view of the games. The most annoying part last time I was there is they hired these “sideline anchors” who during the timeouts give like a mini-game update to spoon feed us what’s happening. That all the overdose of sound from the sound system really make it a non-joyable event.

    If you go and have some good friends to go with, it can be a fun one time thing.

    For the price of good season tickets (and worse, the miserable food prices) I can buy some really nice home theater equipment and that’s what I’ve done. (LCD / Plasma). I tivo the game, I watch parts of it live (depending on the game. Around half time I go outside and play with my kids with the radio in the garage on. Then if it’s close I come in to watch the end of the game. Far more fun and I safely save $300 bucks on the day. Not to mention, I’m eating freshly made grilled foods that I grilled or smoked that day with my choice of homebrew or microbrew.

    Now if I had a chance to go to Lambeau, I’d gladly pay hundreds of dollars for the experience of tailgating and outdoor football on grass where you actually hear “actual” sounds of the game.

  19. Dan Says:

    Cindy V…

    We can argue over “better fans” all you want but what are you really trying to measure? Who sells out more games? You guys do.

    I overheard a Packer conversation from a couple weeks ago where one of the “fans” said “I forgot we even had Ahman Green”.

    So if it’s knowledgable fans, I’m not sure you win. There are a vast array of “level’s” of fans. I’d consider myself on of the most die-hard Viking fans, and I’m pretty knowledgable about them as well (for as long as I can remember), but I DO NOT and WILL NOT pay to see games at the dome.

    So am I a “bad” fan or a fair weather fan then? You decide for your arguments sake and I will for mine. But unless we’re actually measuring a known quantity, neither of us are factually right.

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