Spitz to IR


The season is over for C/G Jason Spitz.  See here from the Packers.

This isn’t good news.  Spitz was somewhat uneven in his play, but he had earned the starting center position — beating out veteran Scott Wells — and on a line with the issues that the Packers have he was better than average.  The cliche that NFL writers use to describe raw and often technique-poor offensive lineman certainly applied to Spitz.  He has a “nasty streak.”  (No, I’m not saying his technique is poor.)


3 Responses to “Spitz to IR”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    what the hell.

    glad to see we immediately filled the roster spot with another non-descript wide receiver. because that’s what we need right now, a 6th string wideout to help stop the bleeding. jesus christ. ron is going to have a field day with this.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:


    He took a roster spot for 4 weeks and no urgency in finding a O line replacement. The odds are heavily in favor of Clifton and/or Tauscher going down before the end of the season. That would leave them with Dietrich-Smith and Breno to backup an O line that is substandard to start with.

    You are right Josh, I cannot figure out what the hell the plan is for the Line. TT’s scheme of developing O linemen from the draft is a monumental failure. Rodgers is already hurt and playing today. Let’s hope Clifton and Tauscher hold up. TB has nothing to lose and they will be throwing everything they have with reckless abandon. This could be a very disastorous game if AR further agrevates his foot problem. Look at Eli and see what can happen.

    I am afraid of this game. Bad things could happen. It is very obvious that the new Conditioning Coach had no positive impact on injuries. Well after five years, it looks like MM will start an O line with 60% of the starters remnants of the Sherman era. Sad to say, but that might be the best line that has started this year. Of course I’m assuming that all legs and vertibrae are properly attached.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    I knew I didn’t feel good about this game. The Packers are a mess. There are not enou7gh draft choices or Fa’s to fix this pile of shit!

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