The Yankees’ good guy


Watching the Yankees win the World Series was about as appealing to me as watching a millionaire win the lottery. Man, I hope the NFL stays a salary-capped league. (It’s not just about the free agents the wealthier teams could acquire, it’s also about the fact that these teams don’t LOSE players to other teams because they can carry a much larger overall payroll.) Anyway, I wanted to post something on this story about Yankees manager Joe Girardi. Apparently, at 2:25am Wednesday night, after celebrating the World Series win, manager Joe Girardi assisted a motorist who had lost control of her car because she and the car remained precariously within a lane of traffic. I know Tony Romo did this last year too. I think this sort of thing is great. Of all people of all times, Joe Girardi didn’t need to do this but he did. Very cool.


11 Responses to “The Yankees’ good guy”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i heard that story out here yesterday. i also heard some interesting comparisons of girardi to tom coughlin in terms of how he changed his style and manner with the team and media from one year to the next – and how it paid off with a championship for both.

    of course it doesn’t hurt to have an all-star team, but the yankees winning doesn’t bother me. the problem is with the league, not the team – although a friend did recently point out that the team certainly lobbies to keep the status quo. but really, if you were any of the parties involved in mlb (besides small-market teams), would you do anything differently? if the rules allow for it, as a fan, as a player, as an owner, would you do anything differently? if there were big free agents out there, and you had the money, wouldn’t you go after them? as a fan, wouldn’t you be pissed if your team didn’t? as a player, if you could play for the yankees in the current system, why wouldn’t you? even great players only get one big contract these days, and lots of great players end up playing for 15 years and never sniffing a world series.

    i know the side we see of players isn’t necessarily the real person – but most of the players on the current roster seem like pretty decent, hard-working guys. a-rod is a nut, and cano is always hung over, but other than that, i actually have a good impression of them.

    the problem i have is with yankees fans, (and new york fans in general for a number of other reasons) because they’re so spoiled it’s disgusting. if i hear “it’s been a long time coming” one more time, i’m going to vomit on the person’s shoes who uttered the phrase. they just don’t get it.

    in the end, it’s easier for me with baseball because i don’t have a team i’m tied down to like i am with the packers(i went to brewers games as a kid, but it never stuck after leaving for college and never really coming back to milwaukee), and in the end – i watch baseball to be entertained. the yankees do that.

    i always thought they should have a steroid league and a non-steroid league too. that way, people who aren’t huge fans of a particular team (or set of principles) could go to the ballpark and see a 27-19 homerun fest. a bunch of dudes who can barely run with life expectancies of 38, but who can hit the ball 700 feet. i’d go watch that a few times.

    all that said, i am still a bit nauseous at the fact that i just spent that long defending the yankees.

  2. bucky Says:

    I went to college with Joe Girardi. He was the catcher on the baseball team, several years younger than I was. My memory of him is this:

    I worked at the university gym (Patten Gymnasium) during my last summer on campus. Joe Girardi was there every day when I arrived, and remained every day after I left. And was there all day in between. I’ve never seen a guy spend that much time in the gym without getting paid for it like I was. He was certainly dedicated.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    if there were big free agents out there, and you had the money, wouldn’t you go after them?

    No, my team won’t.

    as a fan, wouldn’t you be pissed if your team didn’t?”

    Yes, because my QB is getting killed.

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    coop – good crossover back to the packers – i was feeling a little unclean after writing so much in defense of the yankees.

    you guys think it’s now safe to say that our biggest concerns in the off-season (besides our own free-agents) will be o-line, running back and perhaps cornerback? if you’d told me that a year ago, i’d say you were kidding, but as it stands now, it seems about right. and i only say corner because we can’t keep counting on harris and woodson to be healthy most of the time, and what looked like the star of the future (williams) isn’t such a sure thing anymore – was bad in the viking game at least.

    also, does anyone have a good grasp of what o-linemen will be available? any vikings with expiring contracts we could snatch up?

  5. foundinidaho Says:

    Brent only signed a one-year deal.


  6. 56Coop Says:

    Don’t think any of their starters Oline is up but Chester Taylor is. Quite a few linemen coming up on free agency years for Arizona, Atlanta & Baltimore and that’s just the first three I checked. Didn’t want to waste much time cause TT’s probably going to draft some anyway.

    I know you said j/k but Brent’s deal is thru 2011.

  7. DaveK Says:

    I am done with MLB until they get a salary cap and real revenue sharing. Yankees spend $200+ million this year in payroll which was about $50 million more then the next highest team and $120 million more then the average. MLB will not get one dime from me until they level the playing field for all the teams.

  8. DaveK Says:

    Joshy – I have been poking around the web on potential free agent lineman for next year and there just doesn’t seem to be much available. Some of the guys on the lists have already been extended by their current teams. Teams just don’t let premier lineman hit free agency very often.

    Colledge, Spitz, and Clifton are all in contract years this year and I believe Tauscher signed a one year deal which would make him a FA also after the season. All four of those guys could be starting by the end of the year. Not exactly ideal to have 4/5 starting offensive lineman hit FA the same year. On the other side of the ball: Bigby, Pickett, Jolly, Chillar, Collins, and Kampman are all set to become FA’s also.

    Extending Colledge and Spitz is the obvious choice out of his big group. Neither will break the break and they are young. Some tough choices after that though but he has the cap room to extend a few others before the deadline. I would guess Jolly and Bigby are in the same category as Spitz and Colledge and might get extensions. If I had to guess it would be those four. He might use the franchise tag on Kampman after the season and then trade him (for a big freaking OT would be nice!) or it’s possible Collins gets the tag until they would out a new deal.

  9. foundinidaho Says:

    56Coop – I think I blacked out on the fact he though he would play more than one year. (you know, the whole wishy washy thing). Good point. But if true, it was funny. (Twisted sense of humor, I know.)

  10. foundinidaho Says:

    56Coop – I think I blacked out on the fact he thought he would play more than one year. (you know, the whole wishy washy thing). Good point. But if true, it was funny. (Twisted sense of humor, I know.)

  11. 56Coop Says:

    It was funny Idaho lot’s of twisted humor to go around here.

    I don’t get it with O-line’s these days. Green Bays, Chicago, Vikings have some holes, Rams, etc. Seems like very few teams have solid O-lines. Have they stopped teaching blocking 101 in college, is it the lack of steroids, nobody wanting to play a non glamour position? I mean the lines are the basic fundamental building blocks of teams and seems like that’s one place that is severely lacking across the league. Wish I were about 30 years younger..

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