Tauscher and Clifton to start


Read here from jsonline. This is interesting. I wanted Lang to be given a good shot at taking over for Clifton mostly because I think Clifton has been on a serious decline the last 2 years. But after last weekend, I guess Clifton may be the better option right now. I’m glad we re-signed Tauscher for just this kind of a situation (even though he wasn’t dominating by any means pre-injury last year)l. Overall though, I think this is the right move. There is no way Aaron Rodgers survives the rest of the season with Barbre and Lang in there learning on the job. At some point, these guys may need to get in there to get experience, but the Packers need to make sure that Rodgers stays safe before trying to develop anyone.


10 Responses to “Tauscher and Clifton to start”

  1. A14 Says:

    I agree that tauscher and clifton need to start. They were part of one of the best offensive lines in football 4 years ago, before ted thompson and mccheeseburger messed it all up. This line consisted of clifton, rivera, winters, spitz, and tauscher each havin pro bowl years before and after. Yes, the line has been neglected but when you start to see a decline, you make improvements and draft young players to learn.

    • joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

      winters and spitz started at the same time? that doesn’t sound right to me. wasn’t flanagan between winters and wells? and spitz wasn’t drafted until ’06… sorry to nitpick man, but you’re all turned around.

    • joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

      i think the line you’re thinking of was CLIFTON/WAHLE/FLANAGAN/RIVERA/TAUSCHER.

    • bucky Says:

      ~43 years ago, Jerry Kramer, Fuzzy Thurston and Forrest Gregg were part of an even better line. Doesn’t mean they should start Sunday.

      Starting Tauscher and Clifton smacks of desperation. Neither has distinguished themselves since the beginning of last season, and there’s no evidence that they’ll do so now.

  2. Paul Says:

    Winters? I think it was Flanagan at center…but man, that was a great line! It was just a joy to watch them block for Green and the other backs. These days, I hold my breath whenever Rodgers goes back to pass, as I figure he’s going to get hammered every time. I used to hold my breath whenever Favre went back to pass too, but for other reasons.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Not trying to be overly pessimistic here but I’m afraid this is a bit of sticking fingers in the dyke. Hopefully it will hold for awhile though. While these guys have been warriors in the past they have a lot of wear & tear on them & I doubt either one makes it the rest of the season.

    As banged up as Rodgers is and the way he’s been hit this year I can’t believe that TT hasn’t heard the call to action. Well, maybe I can believe it — it is TT afterall.

    Also, while I do think that Lang might be able to be developed I’m not to sure about Barbre. Of course this is just MHO and shows why I’m not a GM or HC.

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    I don’t think these guys are a long term solution, but they might be good people to start the game and just keep everyone settled down. It kind of seems like the Pack get too worked up in the beginning and once they settle down are much better – but by then they are usually not in a good position score-wise. Veterns might help keep things a little calmer to start out with. If they struggle then put in the younger guys.

    I think last off-season they decided to focus on defense what with the switch to 3-4 and new coordinator. So they got Raji and Matthews in the draft thinking that they could make it work better this year by keeping people healthy and doing less shuffling. That didn’t work. Hopefully it get addressed this off-season at the latest.

  5. 56Coop Says:

    Packerbelle–Always lookin for that bright side–gotta love it

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