Rodgers’ foot injuries a potential positive?


Read here from Lori Nickel at jsonline re Aaron Rodgers’ foot injuries possibly rendering him less mobile. While his mobility is certainly part of what makes Rodgers unique and extra dangerous, I wonder sometimes if it also complicates his decision making. I wonder if Rodgers’ injuries could actually help him focus on making better passing decisions because he may not have as much of a running option as he normally does. Perhaps he’ll have to throw a few passes away instead of trying to run for it…which might lead to fewer sacks? Even though Matt Ryan has played kind of shaky in his last few starts for Atlanta, one thing he does well is throw the ball away. If it’s not there, he just chucks it away. Sure, as a fan the loss of down is frustrating, but it’s less frustrating that taking a sack. Great mobile QBs like Steve Young had to learn how to balance the ability to run with his great talent for passing the ball. It probably takes time to develop, but I kind of wonder again, if this nagging injury might just help Rodgers focus on passing from the pocket – hopefully he’ll have more time to do so too with Tauscher and Clifton in there.


3 Responses to “Rodgers’ foot injuries a potential positive?”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Actually, Blocking is the one thing Rodgers needs to help him out. It is pretty desperate when we hope an injury will make him focus more. GB has a pathetic OHfensive line. Sunday 3 of the five starters are Sherman’s boys. TT’s draft to rebuild sucks as far as the line goes. His two starter picks Sitton and Colledge are below average performers whem compared to the league. Barbre, Lang, Giacomini, and Spitz can’t even beat out three old men.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Yeah, this was the year these TT drafted line-man were supposed to step up and become legit NFL starters. Just didn’t happen and I think TT needs to change philosophy on this aspect of the roster and admit to himself that he just isn’t capable of drafting quality lineman later in the draft or finding diamonds in the rough in free agency. Or, maybe he just doesn’t having the coaching staff (or blocking scheme) to coach these type players up to the next level. Next time a guy like Steve Hutchinson or Alan Faneca actually makes it to free agency he may want to take a stab. Proven vets who do not need to be coached up and can come it and hold down a position. The Vikings and Jets both paid top dollar for those two guards a few years back and both have played well and for the most part stayed healthy. I know it sounds like crazy talk – Ted Thompson spending big money in FA to acquire vets but it’s fairly obvious his way hasn’t worked as far as finding quality offensive lineman.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    And Deitrich-Smith who ever he is! Oh ya, he is the loser who got caught holding on Nelsens’ TD.

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