Would you boo or cheer for Favre at Lambeau?


It’s been made pretty clear over time now how Brother Steve and I both feel about the Favre situation. We will be booing (I actually just typed in boozing accidentally right there…that will probably happen too). But I am interested in knowing what you would do if you were in attendance. And why. I recognize that not everyone who reads this website feels the way we do, so I’m interested in getting a good discussion going here.

Have at.

26 Responses to “Would you boo or cheer for Favre at Lambeau?”

  1. BUZZ Says:

    NO I would cheer Brett but would definatley BOOOO Ted (TheAlbino) Thompson. Why Boo someone who put the Packers back in the elete.

  2. PackerBelle Says:

    I’d boo him. I actually did at the game in the Dome (while wearing my #12 jersey). There were a couple of F-bombs throw his way too.

  3. Doubting Thomas Says:

    I will be booing him loudly in a bar from Southern California. If I was there, I would try to observe that moment of silence when he’s introduced, as suggested. But I don’t see that happening.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And Buzz, I know Packer Fans and you are NO Packer fan, You are the type that probably likes no score Pop Warner PeeWee football.

  5. Trav Says:

    Arms folded, back to the field, silence.

    Dead silence would be so much more of a statement than any of the loudest boos would be able to make.

  6. DaveK Says:


  7. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:


    but seriously, i was one a while back who thought silence would be a powerful moment – but i realize it will never happen. there will be too many morons like buzz that don’t realize that in 96, we could have won a superbowl with nearly any above-average quarterback. he was in the right place at the right time, and that doesn’t discount his talent or what he did for the team – but the team as constituted that year was bound to be dominant. once the #1 defense, led by reggie white, coached by fritz shurmer and mike holmgren, and assembled by ron wolf, dissolved in the years after, we were a perennial get-there-and-lose team in the playoffs, largely DUE to brent’s aw-shucks rainbow interception tendencies in big moments.

    brett is to this day one of, if not my favorite football player (not human being) ever – but until he takes off that ridiculous purple costume, he deserves nothing but scorn from anyone who cherishes integrity.

    i would (as someone suggested somewhere recently) turn away from the field as he was announced. perhaps boo, since silence won’t prevail, but i think 40,000 or so of the crowd turning towards the top of the bowl and averting their eyes would be pretty cool too.

  8. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    there you are again, trav – was it you at cheesehead who suggested that? you know, maybe word can spread. we do have this new fandangled intranet thinger…

  9. bucky Says:

    I said it before, I’ll say it again- boo him so loudly his ears bleed. I will be booing him from my rundown sports bar in Bangor, and I expect him to hear it.

    Anyone wearing Packer gear who cheers him deserves a punch in the head.

  10. Doug in Sandpoint Says:

    I was surprised to hear Brent say how emotional he was before the last game. I say boo so loud we make him cry like a baby. Then blitz the heck out of him until he cries some more.

    This is one instance when fan volume can effect the outcome of the game. Please scream like maniacs so he can’t effectively check out of his calls. Don’t be spectators, be a part of the outcome.

  11. Katie Says:

    No question about it. I bought tickets just so I could come to this game and boo Brett. He plays for the enemy right now and I would boo for anyone that wears that nasty purple jersey. I’ve been listening to the idiots at ESPN say all week that it will be 50/50 boos vs. cheers, and I think they are wrong…very wrong….Hell hath no furry like a Packer fan scorned.

  12. Trav Says:

    Joshy – I only post here, but I did mention above that silence is the way to go for the pre-game. To quote Paulie from Goodfellas: “…now I gotta turn my back on you.”. Never has La Cosa Nostra been more correct.

    During the game, it should be louder than a Metallica concert (or insert your favorite metal band here) and I totally agree it can change the outcome of the game.

    I’ll have to research that internet thingy. Sounds like an interesting concept.

  13. 56Coop Says:

    I like the silence thing also–with back turned–but since that ain;t gonna happen–boo like hell. I agree with Joshy though, even if half the fans would just turn around, cover their eyes or something–very impactful.

    However, when he’s on the field their should be no silnce whatsoever–exact opposite. If Fox is gonna have a camera o nhim the whole game make ’em have to turn up the announcers mics to be heard.

    BTW–just found out I gotta work til 5:00 Sunday–I gotta “sick” employee, but since he’s a Pittsburg fan I cut him some slack for last Sunday. Don’t know if you guys will be watching from bars or posting on here during the game but I won’t be here. I’m gonna DVR the game and during my ride home ( a freakin hour) I’m not even turning on the radio.

  14. fraley Says:

    If I were going, I’d boo. He’s the QB for the Vikes, for cripes sake.

    Those who’ve had it with the Favre drama have started a facebook page.


    Go Packers!

  15. Schaefer Says:

    The silence would be deafening…if only it was completely silent. But, as Doubting T, Joshy, and 56Coop point out, that isn’t going to happen. I’d probably boo, more because I hate the Vikings than hate Favre.

    In my opinion one can still like Favre and be a Packer fan. I am a Packer fan, but don’t hate Favre with the same vitriol that some do. Seems some folks might think I’m less of a fan…? I would never cheer for him, because I don’t think people should ever cheer for opposing players or opposing team (unless paralyzed-looking injured player is getting carted off the field and raises his arm to signify he isn’t paralyzed- then a respectful applause for his effort is ok), but people have their favorite players and favorite teams…team to me always comes first, but when laying down the law on who is and who isn’t a fan maybe one should write a disclaimer like “in my mind…” or “the way I see it…”

    I just found out, while typing, my trip to Brazil got delayed from a Saturday flight at 10:00 pm to a Sunday flight at 10:00 pm…YES!!! I can watch the Pack dominate.

    Go Pack Go

  16. PackerBelle Says:

    Schaefer, you can still like Favre and be a Packer fan. I don’t hate him. I just don’t like him or respect him anymore. I appreciate many, many, many good memories. I got to see him play in Lambeau twice and the Dome once – all wins. I loved the Seahawk playoff game two years ago and the SB win. Nothing can take that away.

    But I can’t like or respect the guy anymore. He’s done a few too many things that I can’t accept. So when he finally decides to retire, and they retire his number and he ends up in the HOF I’ll cheer for Favre the Packer. But that guy apparently is gone and I can’t find it in myself to like Favre the Jet and certainly not Favre the Viking.

  17. shredmon Says:

    I see that Packers fans are divided. There are the Packers fans who are fans of brett favre and thinks he should be cheered. I call them Packers fans west. Then there is Packers fans that do not cheer for vikings players. True Packers fans that will boo brett louder than they have ever boo’d anybody before. Understanding that they represent all the Packers fans who could not be there to boo brett everytime he walks up to the line. Everytime. i like trav’s pregame back turning and silence idea.

  18. sfhayes Says:

    Completely agree that it’s possible to like Favre and like the Packers. Had a great conversation the other night with a Packer fan whose views on Favre are almost precisely opposite of mine, who even admires Favre for having the audacity to seek to avenge his perceived slights.

    I don’t think I’ll cheer for Favre if he goes into the HOF as a Packer. But even if I do, I won’t much respect him as a man.

  19. billmike Says:

    I am going to be booing the Vikings… period. Favre is a Viking so that means he will be booed. I will be cheering the Packers.

    It is that simple.

  20. 56Coop Says:

    I don’t think you go into the HOF as a team member do you? There will just be some little plaque under his “bust” that will tell all about his career, stats & who ALL he played for.

    Time heals all wounds. I’m fairly certain he’ll get his jersey retired & get in the ring of honor–probably not until TT is gone though. I think it’s fairly obvious that respect is one thing he’s not too concerned about.

  21. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    wow – we just got to witness the karma of the universe working directly from one person to another. the ability to watch the game got taken away from 56coop and given directly to schaefer.

    schaefer, i think you’re supposed to leave a case of pbr on coop’s doorstep now – that’s just the way it works. i think then he has to name his next pet after you, but i have to look that one up.

  22. Jim Says:

    I still love the story about the goat painted yellow & green tied up in the trunk of a car in Minnesota! True or not, hilarious!!

  23. 56Coop Says:

    Schaefer swims around his fish bowl looking at me, waiting for me to feed him while I keep checking my doorstep.

    That karma’s a bitch sometimes

  24. cindyv Says:

    I’d like to see the stadium filled with fans wearing the #12 jersey. Then they can boo the crap out of Brett.

  25. C PI Says:

    First one to cheer or boo loses. The sound of one hand clapping is the best welcome.

  26. foundinidaho Says:

    I will be at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim booing my head off. And, like someone above, I hope he can hear it all the way from here. Jerk.

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