Tami’s flu


So, I’ve been dealing with the flu, or swine flu, for some reason they don’t know which because it would cost $500 apparently to determine which it is. How can we truly know if swine flu is the pandemic everyone says it is unless we know for sure if people even have it? Don’t get this. Also, if the cost of this test is really $500, sounds like price gouging to me by the test maker.

I learned this all when I went to the doctor yesterday. At that time, I was starting to feel better, fever had gone, chills were gone, body aches gone, some of the congestion gone. The one positive, I remember telling the doctor, was the fact that I hadn’t experienced any nausea at all. Well, due to being in the higher risk category (asthma) I was still prescribed Tamiflu to hopefully make the symptoms go away quicker.

Tamiflu. Very odd name…but I have a theory. Tamiflu is simply a  particularly nasty flu virus that some woman named Tami had once – in pill form. Within 25 minutes of taking this medication yesterday, the chills came back, the fever came back, the body aches said hello again, and worst of all, I started to feel nauseous – the one symptom I hadn’t experienced before and the one symptom I didn’t want to experience. Nice medication.

UPDATE: I did learn from the doctor’s office yesterday the reason they aren’t needing to test specifically for H1N1 right now.What they do (and what I did) is take a general test for Influenza and that if the test is positive, it is safe to assume the person has H1N1 because 99% of positive Influenza A virus tests right now are H1N1.

7 Responses to “Tami’s flu”

  1. goodeggblogger Says:

    Now that’s funny. Get better before Sunday!

  2. Aaron Rogders Says:

    From what I understand, Swine flu symptoms only last a few days and then you are over it. I don’t think it is nearly as bad as the media makes it out to be.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      It can get bad. I’ve been staying rather informed because I have a sibling with Cystic Fibrosis and any type of respiratory infection can be dangerous for her. Basically you either get kind of sick or really, really, really sick. There really isn’t a middle ground. And if you get the severe case it can damage your lungs very quickly.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    No vacine left in Wisconsin. Did the Packers get their sesonal flus hots? I hope so. Looking at the injury lists yesterfay both the Packers and Queenies have a couple of mysterious non-football held out of practice yesterday. Let’s hope this isn’t the first signs of a breakout today and tomorrow.

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    from wikipedia:

    “Common adverse drug reactions (ADRs) associated with oseltamivir therapy (occurring in over 1% of clinical trial participants) include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and headache.”

    that sounds a lot like the flu/your reaction to me. i don’t understand why you’d take a pill to get rid of the flu that gives you … for all intents and purposes… the flu.

    i suppose it makes sense for people who are in more danger of ACTUAL flu affecting respiratory things, etc.

    and aaron rodgers – yes, the media blows everything out of proportion – their bosses tell them to. but the fear about swine flu is fear of the unknown more than anything. fear of mutation, etc. which it apparently has shown in small bits. also, another weird element is that people like 18-40 are actually more at risk with it – totally opposite of nearly every other pathogen.

    also, i just read that will henderson is going to boo favre at lambeau. that settles it, if it wasn’t settled for anyone already.

  5. 56Coop Says:

    Get better quick Andy. Ron, I’vve heard everything from migraines to swine flu on Harvin. 10:1 says he’s on the field come Sunday–crap!!!

  6. Travis Says:

    swine is not that bad, except there are sometimes where the individual gets a bad case of it. Deadly in fact. There have been multiple multiple deaths, one this week in my city in matter of fact.

    Basically anyone who gets a case of H1N1 basically has the average flu. But if it gets bad enough, it could be deadly or do some severe damage to your lungs etc. It is out of proportion, but it can also be very dangerous if you get a bad case. It spreads very easily so thats why there is such a concern. Should you get the Swine flu, your probably just going to be sick for a while and don’t panic right away. Get medical help and take as much care as you can and do what your told to do. Chances are, it won’t be anything severe and hopefully you’ll only be sick for a bit.

    Worst thing you can do if you do get sick is to go out into the public. Even if its nothing to do with Swine, your body is still very weak at that time, leaving it very easy to get even more sick and even pickup the Swine. The Swine spreads very fast, so it is not hard to get in touch with it. The other thing is, if your sick, you could help others get sick, which is something we really don’t need.

    Currently the H1N1 vaccination shot is available all over the place now. It just came out, and currently those on the high priority list are told to get it immediately. It will be available to everyone, but it’s in such high demand many places are running out very quick. The biggest concern about the shot is that it has not been able to be tested for a extended period of time. And for many, including me, thats concerning. No one knows what may happen a year, 5 years, or 25 years from now. Sometimes things go wrong, and I’m not trying to feed a bug to everyone saying something will happen in the future, all I’m saying is we can’t be certain without having tests on it.

    Personally I just have a bad feeling about it, a really bad feeling. With such demand, so many people getting it. Such a big roar from the flu and getting the shot, and all the urging for people to get the shot, makes me really worried. I just got that feeling that with all these people, who have or are getting the shot, it can really be harmful in some way to the body. It just seems to follow a story line, major outbreak in “deadly” flu causes millions to get basically an untested vaccination leads to bla bla bla.

    My statements may not be accurate, I’m just going by opinion and the information I’ve gathered about the situation. I do agree, that it is blown out of proportion, but it can be very deadly as many have already died because of it.

    As it goes to you Andy, I know you’ll be watching that game some way some how. You’ll be ok, if the symptoms are getting worse or not going away, get back to the doctor. Maybe it could be something, and obviously in a time like this with this “outbreak” we have, now’s not the time to procrastinate and do nothing about it.


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