Packergeeks on Favre at National Review Online


Please take a minute to read this article Brother Steve and I wrote for National Review Online on the Favre matter. When Favre retired for the first time in 2008, Steve wrote a glowing tribute to Favre for the National Review. So, we’ve sent this piece to National Review as a sort of correction. The goal was to articulate a fuller account of what happened especially in light of the fact that lately, it seems many national broadcasters/writers have been simplifying the whole thing by saying the Packers just wanted to move on. So we go through the chronology while arguing that really, this is not what happened.

As always, let us know what you think.

15 Responses to “Packergeeks on Favre at National Review Online”

  1. Bo Darville Says:

    So what if Brett Favre wanted to play for the Vikings? If he was as great as all the cheeseheads said he was all this time, it was inevitable. Half of all Wisconsonites all end up moving to Minnesota anyways. Why would Favre be any different? Live amongst the Ed Geins or the Loni Andersons, your choice. PS- The Edmonton Eskimos are the real green and gold pro football team.

  2. Cherry Says:

    Great article. I love that it brings up some of the points (the whole Lions thing) that the national media conveniently ignores while genuflecting at Favre. And this line:

    “It is certainly true that the Packers could have done more to convince Favre to continue playing for them, but failing to do enough to keep him is not the same as forcing him out.”

    is abso-flippin’-lutely spot on.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Excellent article. One question & I suppose I’ll be showing my ignorance here–is it a known fact that Favre actually did spill the beans to Detroit or is just conjecture? Again, excellent artice and I like the fact that it led me to the Weekly Standard & a very good article about some’s hypoctical minions. Nice job Stephen.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    I’m amazed that these idiot Queenie fans (see Bo above) can’t remember how they treated Bent before he turned traitor. It was as close to physical abuse as you can get without an arrest. Now, according to them we’re to turn into the DFL version of metro-sexuals. No way! He is no longer a Packer, he is part of the unwashed barbarian hordes who provide most of the country’s manure supply. And it ain’t from cows. He is a traitor to the Green and Gold.

    And that doesn’t even touch on the fact they need to resort to DFL judges in state court to keep their two steriod laddened fat boys from accepting their just do, a four game suspension like every other NFL player is subject to.

    When he finally retires maybe the majority of Packer fans would have him back. Not me! I’d just as soon see him retire a Queen and make him look like an even a bigger jerk.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      Ron, can we leave off the bashing of the DFL? There are some liberals here.

      As for DFL judges, Judge Magnuson, the Federal judge involved (and the NFL’s preferred venue), was appointed by Reagan.

  5. noMOREtv4u Says:

    Nice article in NRO. Way to stab the QB that played his heart out for you ungrateful bastards in GB. Screw Green Bay, Go Favre.

    I would think someone with a supposedly conservative bent would not object to an employee going to a company where he is wanted and rewarded. This was a win for GB management, who got their boy in place, as well. Wins for everyone.

  6. Joe Says:

    Great article; puts it all in perspective. I really don’t mind that he wants to keep playing but I do mind his lying (about the Pack), his calling division opponents to give out team secrets and his whining like a little girl.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      That is what bugs me too. Had he come and said ‘I want to play, can we figure out something that works for all of us?’ I would have wished him all the best (except when it would hurt the Pack). But demanding his release to play for the Vikings, lying in the press, etc just was beyond the pale.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    Last time I checked it is still a free country.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      It is. But just because you can say rude things about people with differing political views doesn’t mean you should. Especially given that this is a sports blog and not a political one.

  8. R. Timmons Says:

    Steve, I saw you on fox news on a Friday lightning round when you brought up Farve. I tried to find a way to leave you a note then to no avail. I just read your article in NRO tonight, I couldn’t agree more, Farve is a jerk.

    Farve was never the brightest bulb in the NFL, he surely wasn’t the smartest QB (I go back to Bart Starr). Many of Farve’s heroics for Green Bay were necessary because of dumb things he had done earlier. He had a great arm, he was exciting, but as of now, I have no use for him. He showed a total lack of class after his first “retirement”. I go back to the early 60’s (before you were born) in my following the Packers, here in Delaware it seemed that they were almost always on as the second game of the double header each Sunday. I loved Lombardi and his program. A few years ago one of the sports networks went out and contacted many of the great Packer players of the 60’s, what a class bunch of guys. Farve was in Green Bay long enough to learn this if he had applied himself just a little.

    I’m almost hoping to see a “Y.A. Tittle” moment in the game. You might want to look this up some day, Y.A was in the end zone on his knees totally dazed.

    Thanks for your blog on the Packers and thanks for your reasoned comments on the Fox News panel.

    Richard Timmons
    Middletown, DE

  9. billmike Says:

    Great Article. A good reminder of all the facts of the situation.

  10. 56Coop Says:

    Edmonton Eskimos–LMAO

  11. 56Coop Says:

    Steve–Writer for the National Review, Fox News? You got it goin’ on dude.

  12. C PI Says:

    Great review of the facts and timeline. I’ve been a voice in the wilderness the last couple of years reminding people of this series of events. The national media must be afraid of losing a Brett interview because they know these things better than I do. To wit, I thought it was interesting that Chris Collinsworth was on the Dennis Miller radio show the day after Steve appeared and said unequivically that the Packers had “Shown Favre the door.” Miller didn’t challenge him one iota because it would have killed the vibe in an otherwise pleasant and interesting interview. Farve doesn’t owe me or anyone else a thing. He gave it all between the lines, and I will forever think of him as one of the greatest. However, as a Packer fan first and foremost, I now owe him nothing either. Hey Brett, we’re square. Good luck with the rest of your life.

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