John Lynch on Favre’s return to Lambeau


John Lynch has some interesting thoughts here about Favre’s return. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “Their rookie outside linebacker Clay Matthews is already comfortable in this scheme. He has the opportunity to be a real special player. He has football instincts and a real passion and motor. They have to come after him (Favre).”
  • “They didn’t pressure Brett much in the Metrodome and he ate them up. And the book on Brett, especially late in his career, is that you do pressure him. Even in his prime, when we faced him, Monte Kiffin would say, “This guy struggles with pressure up the gut, up the A gaps.”
  • “So, they are incredibly classy fans. But I also think they feel somewhat betrayed by Brett on this whole deal and his constant indecision on whether do I come back or do I stay retired. Then retiring, and then un-retiring. I mean, going to the Jets was one thing, but now going to play for the Packers’ division rival for all these years, I think at some point the fans say, “Whoa, whoa, this is not right.” I am interested like a lot of other people to see what the reaction will be. Like I said, they are classy fans. I think they understand football better than any fans in the league.”

8 Responses to “John Lynch on Favre’s return to Lambeau”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Well said John. I couldn’t agree more. As much as I criticize TT for the status of the O line, Mathews was a great pick. Baring injury this guy has Pro-bowl potential.

    Please forward this to Capers. He seems to think otherwise on the pressure issue.

    I will boo, make obscene noises, and throw objects at the TV throughout the game. I expect nothing less from the fans in GB.

  2. campbell Says:

    The’s Fifth Down has an interesting article about Favre’s ints. “The Myth of Favre’s Interceptions”

    Just thought I would include this tiny piece of info to vary the Favre Bashing. I mean when respected Packer giants like “Chewy”!!! Omigod!!! “Chewy”!!! and the immortal Lynch offer negative opinions, it’s good to get a different view.

    Btw, I wonder how much money the “Jerk” as someone called him, will add to the GB economy this weekend, not to mention the spotlight granted ex-Packers coming out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes of fame to whine and stamp their feet in ersatz horror.

    “How dare he dishonor the Green and Gold!”

    How farcical..and juvenile.

  3. awhayes Says:

    I’m curious Campbell, what was your reaction when Favre signed with the Vikings? Were you happy about it?

  4. Ron La Canne Says:


    Yeah the Queenie fans are so polite and magnanimous when the Packers play there. This is football and he plays for the enemy. Until he retires he is the enemy. The GB fans should afford the same advantage to the Packers that the Queenie fans provide to the Queens. If you don’t think so wear purple.

    You’re a Favre fan not a Packer fan.

  5. PackerBelle Says:

    Because lying about the organization in the national media, coming back to ‘stick it’ to someone, and saying that TRUE fans will understand why you are playing for a division rival isn’t at all facical or juvenile.

    As for how much money Favre is bringing to the GB economy, I would say not much beyond what would normally be brought it. I have family in Green Bay and the surrouding area and during Packer season the hotels are pretty much always sold out, the restaurants are always full and (of course) the game is always sold out. This isn’t like the Vikings where most years you can get single game tickets. More people aren’t coming to the game than would have without Favre because there isn’t more room in the stadium. Heck, it won’t even be cold enough for most of the old duffers with season tickets to want to sell them and stay warm on Sunday. Yes, there is more hype but there is not going to be that much more economic activity.

    As for interceptions, they were and are part of Favre’s playing style. He tries to force things and a lot of times they provide highlight reel plays – but a lot of times, especially the past few years they have been killer. Look at pretty much every Dallas game played in Dallas. The St. Louis play off game (or really any play-off game not against the Seahawks in the past 7 or 8 years). It isn’t so much throwing a lot of interceptions, that is part of the game, but when they typically happened. As for the article you mentioned, for one thing he compares Favre to a lot of players that played in a different era when rules regarding passing were different.

    He also brings up interception precentage and says Favre at 3.3% isn’t that much worse than other HOF QBs such as Elway (3.1%), Marino (3.0%) and Aikman (3.0%). He also compares him to some of current QBs such as Tom Brady (2.3%), Drew Brees (2.7%) and Peyton Manning (2.8%). And looking at the numbers it does seem fine. Except that 3.3 compared to 3.0 means that Favre is 10% more likely to throw an INT compared to Marino or Aikman. He’s about 18% more likely to throw one than Peyton Manning (and we won’t even go there with Brady).

    He then talks about how teams since the second half of 2006 with Favre have won 74.4% of their games. But that ignores the horrid 4-12 season (which Favre definitely played a part of) and ignores the talent around him for most of that (Jennings, Driver, Grant’s fantastic year in 2007, the Jets certainly aren’t slackers under a rookie QB this year and the Vikings have Peterson, the Williamses, Allen and were in the playoffs last year).

    Interceptions are part of the gunslinger style but that can often hurt a team as much as it helps them.

  6. Ron La Canne Says:

    Belle, nice catch on the meaning of the statistics quoted in the link. Most “Sports Reporters” are illiterate when it come to anything with a number attached. The 10% differential you point out is built over thousands of passes made which in turn results in hundreds of potential game changing mistakes. That means if he was so good when he played just think how much better the Packers record would have been if Farve was as accurate as Aikman or Mariono.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      Thanks. I work with numbers (actually have a decent stats background) so I’m used to looking at that kind of stuff.

  7. 56Coop Says:

    Why, I’ll bet even the Brett Favre Steakhouse in Green Bay will be packed this weekend. Curious, all you guys that live there, does anyone still eat there?

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