Game thoughts

  • Cleveland sucks.
  • The O-Line looked quite good yesterday. They kept Rodgers upright and helped Grant by opening some holes.
  • Grant finally ran through a couple people. Part of what made me a believer in Grant during the 2007 season was that he seemed strong enough to run guys over. Yesterday, Grant did that a couple times.
  • Grant still has zero shake. There were a couple times when Grant came into the 3rd level of the defense having just a safety or cb in his way and Grant inexplicably ran right into the guy – didn’t even try to put a move on him. Still, overall, Grant was very good yesterday.
  • Donald Driver is very important to this team. While Greg Jennings continues to almost be just another guy (one less TD than James Jones), Driver has taken advantage of almost every opportunity he’s had this year – and often made the most of them. He is so important to this team right now because he MUST be making the planning especially difficult for opposing defenses. It poses a great problem when opposing defenses may need to ask: which guy should we double up – Driver or Jennings?
  • Aaron Rodgers had a QB rating of 155.4 yesterday – not bad…in fact, nearly perfect. His rating on the year is 110. Again, outstanding. His pass completion percentage in the last 3 games (after a shaky start) is nearly 75%.
  • Nice tackle by Mason Crosby on that one Cribbs’ run back.
  • As I noted yesterday during the game when McCarthy and Rodgers were laughing on the sidelines – I think it’s really important that McCarthy gets back to having some fun out there. I think he had fun in 2007 because they were winning etc. But since then, he’s been very serious. It was nice to see him enjoying himself – and it was deserved. While Cleveland is horrible, McCarthy and staff put together a quality game plan that was well-executed (after the first quarter anyway) by the players. I hope McCarthy had a cold one when they got back home last night.

4 Responses to “Game thoughts”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    They did what they needed to do – dominate a really crappy team. We’ll see what happens next week when they play a good team. I do wonder though how Favre’s arm is going to be feeling after 51 pass attempts as well as a couple of hard hits.

  2. 56Coop Says:

    Agree it was good to see MM laughing a little bit. It was also good to see a few choice 4 letter words come out of his mouth when we had that 12 men on the field “stoopid” penalty. Seems that there were fewer of them though so maybe it’s finally getting through to the players. So far, I think thats the best game we have put together this season. Unfortunately it was the Browns. Packerbelle’s dead on.

  3. AZWarrior Says:

    Having Crosby as a kicker is like having an extra linebacker on kick coverage. 🙂

    I watched most offensive plays twice, via TIVO, and focused on Lang. He often looked good, and never looked bad. I’d love to know how he graded out.

  4. Ace Says:

    Browns–5 first downs by penalty. a terrible stat. however, some ticky tack calls esp. on Harris and Bigby–leave it to John Lynch, not the gentlest safety to play the game, to agree with me on those calls.

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