Great second quarter – I’m pleased with that effort


I liked how the defense responded to some adverse circumstances in the first half. The 12 men on the field penalty was terrible and against a good team, that would have cost us. But the defense did respond on that series and held the Browns offense again. Also, when the Browns had to settle for a field goal and didn’t go up 7-0, that was a big momentum shift. The better team here is clearly winning – now let’s hope we come out in the second half with the same intensity and get a few quick TDs.

Derek Anderson sucks. I know he doesn’t have many quality receiving targets to throw to, but even when he has made throws, he’s not putting the ball anywhere near his guys. Just weak. Also, I can’t imagine why they keep Jamal Lewis in the game – that guy is so bad. He had zero burst, zero and zero ability to make people miss. So being strong doesn’t matter at all – he’s just bad. Lewis has 6 rushes for 6 yards. Yes, we’ve done nicely against the run (which is something by the way, that we have done pretty consistently this year), but anyone could defend against Jamal Lewis.

One thought I did have when Grant scored on that last series was – why wouldn’t McCarthy put Quinn Johnson in there to lead the way. If McCarthy is committed play-call wise to pushing Grant in for a TD, why not use someone who can get more push. Kuhn did end up diving into the area where Grant eventually scored, but I’m not sure Kuhn plays big enough to clear out the space Grant needs on those runs.


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