Check out this picture – Favre not playing for revenge?


Check out this photo and the nice write-up by’s Drew Olsen.

18 Responses to “Check out this picture – Favre not playing for revenge?”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    Well now, don’t Deanna look just happy as a clam. I’ve long suspected that she may be ONE of the reason’s for this whole debacle–but again, that’s just speculation.

    Thanks Brett, for 16 years of highlights and 1 Superbowl trophy. Good luck.

    Now please Pack–at least win at Lambeau on the 1st. Please. Or at the very least, at least just show up…

  2. SJofMKE Says:

    Considering how emotional Favre is, there’s a real possibility that if the Pack win at Lambeau his confidence could take a nose dive and could really light a fire under Rodgers and the rest of the team. I was looking at the schedule today, Chicago has a super rough stretch of games (@ Cincinnati, Cleveland, Arizona, @ San Francisco, Philly) . The NFC North could be a two horse race very soon. Personally, if it comes down to the Vikings and Packers, I don’t care how long Favre has played, or what he’s been through, I’d bet on Rodgers to hold his composure and maintain perspective.

  3. Andy Says:

    As much as I want to believe that picture is real. I’m guessing someone photoshopped over Favre’s name on the back. I don’t believe it’s legit.

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    the term ‘shit-eating grin’ is such an interesting phrase, because it doesn’t actually visually describe a particular type of smile. it describes a whole set of circumstances that makes a particular smile that of the type of person who, despite your generally passive nature, you want to punch in the face, right. now.

    not that i’d hit a lady.

  5. Kozak Says:


  6. foundinidaho Says:

    I’m a girl. I can hit her.

  7. alphacat Says:

    As a Packer fan I don’t feel the same degree of animosity as I first did when he went to the Vikes. I’m just too worried about who the Packers are playing each week to be concerned with Favre.

  8. campbell Says:

    “Not that I’d hit a lady”

    Then why did you say it? I fear your Freudian Slip is showing. Deanna Favre has survived breast cancer and helps other women suffering/dying from this terrible disease.

    Favre is a Viking and is fair game, but I don’t endorse glib, cavalier comments re his wife and some innocuous picture. Who cares?

    Leave his family out of the equation.

  9. cheese0317 Says:

    They could have had him, they didn’t want him. Get over it.

  10. PackerBelle Says:

    Campbell, he said it because, like most Packer fans, it is frustrating to see people that we supported for many years now basically giving us the one fingered salute. Yes the woman has survived breast cancer and I applaud her for her work in raising money for that cause as well as may other worthwhile causes. However, being a cancer survivor doesn’t make her immune to criticism and that shot is not (IMO) a classy shot. And it only reinforces the idea that Favre is doing this solely to get revenge on Ted Thompson and thus on the Green Bay Packers. And as a Packer fan I find that aggravating.

    Cheese0317, it isn’t Favre wanting to keep playing that bugs me (or I think most Packer fans) it is how he has acted in doing so. He’s lied multiple occassions, he basically threw a hissy fit when the Packers didn’t just let him come in and have his starting job back, and then signed with a division rival telling us that TRUE Packer fans would understand. He’s being a jerk and just like with T.O., Chad Ochocinco, etc he’s going to get razed. Especially given that for many years he was the face of the Packer franchise. I’ve said it before, I’ll get over it when he gets over it and I don’t have to see him play my team twice a year.

  11. 56Coop Says:

    alphacat–VERY good point. Campbell, cheese0317, —
    ah never mind. You’ll never get it.

  12. Joe Says:

    campell – you obviously have no idea what a Fruedien slip is.

  13. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    campbell, i’ve never bought a freudian slip, they’re unflattering, and only come in pink. that’s my ‘support breast cancer research’ undershirt showing.

    also, i didn’t realize you were sponsoring me. i’m sorry to have lost your endorsement. i will stop eating your soup.

    also, do you not think it’s a bit ridiculous and obviously relevant to packer fans and the shovels full of crap lies brett feeds us and the media that they had a special jersey like that made? i do. it’s not the biggest news of the day, and it doesn’t help our team win, but it’s a fan blog for god’s sake.

    also, your complete lack of a sense of humor is showing.

  14. Ron La Canne Says:

    Folks, just because someone has a physical affliction doesn’t automatically grant them total imunity. All of us have problems of one sort or another. Humor takes on many faces, one is sarcasim. It should be obvious this was said in a sarcastic manner. I’m with you Josh.

  15. 56Coop Says:

    Surprising to me that this has not been picked up on a more national level. I mean I know that ESPN is Favre’s own personal mouthpiece but I would think Fox Sports, CBS or NFL Network would have at least mentioned it. At the very least put it up on their web sites.

    I’ve studied the picture as much as possible and it does not look photoshopped–if so, it was done well. I respect Favre, appreicate what he did at GB (calm down Campbell) but why in the wide world of sports would somebody not have some fun with this?

    I think the next time there is a Vikings/Packers post at PFT I’m going to throw up the link.

  16. foundinidaho Says:

    56Coop – they won’t pick it up because it shows a total lack of class on the part of Mrs. Favre and we can’t have that – she’s obviously perfect.

    I like Deanna Favre. I have a pink Packers hat that they sold shortly after she was diagnosed and it’s one of the favorite Christmas presents I ever got.

    But as a lifelong Packer fan, that photo still pisses me off.

  17. 56Coop Says:

    I see three scenarios here:

    1-It’s a photoshop hoax.

    2-It’s a Viking’s fan who had the shirt made thanking Ted for letting them have Favre which has obviously been a good thing for the Vike’s (so far). Deanna, or someone in their party saw it & invited him up to the suite.

    3-The Favre’s had it made & took the picture as an actual “stick it in your face” to Ted & therefore the rest of Packer nation.

    Now I don’t care to open up the debate about the Packers/Favre divorce. My personal opinion is both parties had issues and neither handled it very well. It’s over & we’ve all moved on. Is scenario # 3 is the actual case then I think it lends credence to the Favre wanted to stick it to the Packers arguement but my no means do I think that was/is his whole motivation for playing the last 2 years. AT any rate the Favre family loses a few “style” points in my book.

    If it is scenario 1 or 2 then you have to admit, it is kinda funny. Personally I have chosen to believe scenario # 2.

    I have actually sent this to PFT, ESPN, Fox sports & CBS sports asking why not one of them has brought this to national attention. (I did give Packergeeks & milwaukee on line the proper creds). At the very least I think Frank Caliendo could have some fun with it.

    My fixation with this is now officially over.

    GO PACK.

  18. campbell Says:

    Isn’t it strange that a post about Favre gets the most responses. Didn’t the Packers have a great win against the Browns and Rodgers have one of his HoF games? Jeez, you guys are really, Really obsessed with the old man.

    Btw, Joshy, I have an excellent sense of humor. Most of my posts are with tongue planted firmly in cheek. I just don’t appreciate yours and apparently none of the other posters, even the lone female, took umbrage either.

    Must be a Packergeeks thing.

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