Winston Moss doesn’t make sense talking LBs


Read here from Greg Bedard at Just odd comments from Moss – especially when he throws in the totally unprovoked defense of Brady Poppinga and then admits later that Matthews is more talented than Poppinga. Anyway, strange interview he does here with Bedard. Strange. If I were Desmond Bishop I would be doing everything I could to get my agent to find some viable trade options. I would not want to play for a staff that continues to leave me out for no good reason.

I’ll say it again, I don’t understand it when people talk about how deep our LB group is. To me, talking about depth at least implies that there are multiple talented people at one position. In the case of the Packers, we have lots of LBs, but not lots of talented LBs. Deep would be if our LB group consisted of Patrick Willis, Lance Briggs, James Harrison, DeMeco Ryans, Terrell Suggs and Jon Beason. We have 1 guy who is still learning his role in the defense but who is still not really even a LB (Kampman). We have a formerly solid LB in Nick Barnett whose injury has pushed him back to average (and some would argue he was just plain bad before his injury last year). We have AJ Hawk who has been no better than average since being drafted #5 overall. Brandon Chillar is good but not exceptional. And Clay Matthews, ok, this guy does have promise (arguably the only guy right now worth getting excited about besides Bishop). And of course, Desmond Bishop.Yes, I’m leaving out Poppinga. That’s it. That is a lot of LBs, but it is not a lot of depth.

While I was pleased to see Poppinga finally lifted in favor of Matthews (and I must say, I admire the way Poppinga handled it) – the next thing that has to happen is that Desmond Bishop needs to get on the field. I know I’m not alone among Packer fans when I say I just don’t buy what Moss is saying here primarily because we don’t worry about Bishop being just another guy stuck behind just some other guys – like Moss clearly thinks judging by his dismissive language. We think Bishop could be a special player and we know that the longer it takes to get him on the field, the better the chances he’ll be a special player for someone else.


One Response to “Winston Moss doesn’t make sense talking LBs”

  1. Bill Berndt Says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the Bishop question. What will it take for the staff to give this guy at least a chance to light some people up?

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