Steven Jackson?


Mike Florio of reviews ten trades that should — but probably won’t — happen before the trade deadline.  #2 on his list is Steven Jackson to the Packers (or the Patriots).  The upside is obvious and whether such a trade makes sense depends entirely on how much the Packers would have to give up.

Regular Packergeeks readers know that I’ve long been an advocate for Ryan Grant.  I think he runs hard and has a burst that could make a consistent Top 10 running back in the NFL.  He’s struggled this year, plainly.  Is it Grant?  Is it the offensive line?  Probably a little bit of both.  There haven’t been as many holes for him as there were two years ago — and even last year.  But he hasn’t hit the holes that there have been.

I wouldn’t give up on him.  I still think he could be good.  But in terms of raw talent Steven Jackson is behind only Adrian Peterson.  He’s proving again this season that he can be effective running behind mediocre offensive lines.  And with our passing offense — or potential passing offense — he could be a beast.

Won’t happen.  And I’m sure the Rams would want a Herschel Walker-type set of picks in exchange.  But fun to imagine.


4 Responses to “Steven Jackson?”

  1. Robert Greenfield Says:

    It’s interesting that Steven Jackson is actually younger than Grant. Sure, he’s been around the block, but S-Jax has got another 4 years until he turns 30 — the generally agree-upon age when RBs go downhill. And this is a crucial year for TT and MM. I think a significant move is on the horizon. Could this be the one???

  2. awhayes Says:

    One thing that concerns me about TT/MM is that I’m not entirely sure a thought like this ever even occurs to them. I don’t know if they can get out of their mold of finding mostly unknown/young free agents and relying on the draft.

    Why not offer a first/second round pick and Kampman for Jackson? TT has trouble drafting in the first round anyway, so giving that pick up wouldn’t kill us.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    How about Hawk & we keep Kampman. But only if McCarthey is sincere about getting Kampman more attempts at QB. If he’s going to continue to waste his talent then let hi go somewhere where he can achieve.

    Also, hopefully Quinn Johnson can maybe get a few 2nd level blocks & maybe spring Ryan for some big gains–although I’m not sure that’s the problem. How about we trade Hawk/Grant & a 2nd round for Jackson.

  4. Ace Says:

    Andy-surprised you didn’t offer Kampmann and POPPINGA for Jackson. Good deal for both teams. Keep Grant–good #2–we need one of those anyway.

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