Should the Packers pursue RB Tashard Choice?


Welcome to left field, I know. But I have been watching this guy and he can play. (Yes, he’s on my fantasy football team). He is the Cowboys’ 3rd string RB behind Marion Barber and Felix Jones. The Cowboys love this guy because he’s the rare back-up who comes in and doesn’t miss a beat. Despite being 3rd on the depth chart, he does have experience as a starter because he was plugged into that role last year when Barber and Jones went down – and succeeded. He averages 5.1 ypc, has terrific hands for catching balls out of the backfield, is a very tough and aggressive runner (similar to Barber in this regard), has powerful legs, can block effectively on passing plays and he can make people miss. Yes the line in front of him in Dallas is competent/massive and yes Barber averages 5.1 ypc and Jones averages a gaudy 10.1 ypc. But I’m telling you – this guy is a great player who happens to have a great attitude (read here – I love his quote).

The Packers could use a good option besides Ryan Grant – especially if Grant continues to be sort of…non. Wynn isn’t cutting it (I particularly question his blocking on 3rd downs), Brandon Jackson is always hurt, and the team mistakenly cut Tyrell Sutton. So, going after a guy like this who has proven he can play as both a reserve and a starter would make sense. We could use him on 3rd downs or even bring him in for some different RB looks on 2nd downs. Ryan Grant is still the guy here but I have to admit, I’ve cooled on Grant this year and I don’t think getting a legit replacement for him in case he gets hurt or continues to seem average would be a bad idea. Yes, we have other areas of need to look at first (O-line especially) and we should be actively looking at options there. But the Packers also need better depth at RB and the time to go after this guy is now before his price goes up.


10 Responses to “Should the Packers pursue RB Tashard Choice?”

  1. cuqui Says:

    Cowboys aren’t going to trade Choice. Felix Jones gets hurt too often and Marion Barber, if not injured, has a history of wearing down in the stretch.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Cowboys would never let him go – but he would be the best running back on the Packers’ roster the moment he walked through the door…

  3. Terry Ott Says:

    I agree with cuqui here. The Cowboys are going to do with Choice what the Packers SHOULD have done with Sutton– that is, work him in when certain situations arise, keep him sharp, and watch him do whatever is asked to do … very well.

    Here’s what’s laughable, or maybe it is “cryable” as in “a crying shame”. In preseason, I remember hearing “the Pack is loaded at running back; too much talent there to give them all playing time.” Right. Sure. Apparently people saying that were not paying attention to (a) what happens to running backs in the NFL as a general rule, and (b) especially paying attention to the track record of the injury-prone crew WE had going in.

    So you have a guy who didn’t even cost you a draft pick lead the team in rushing and kick returning in preseason, and had led the nation in pass receiving among active collegian running backs. And he is gone. And we are talking about going after a Cowboy who won’t be available unless there is some “problem” we haven’t heard about.

    Granted Choice is a proven commodity and Sutton is not. But one day he will be. This season would not have been too early to begin to let him find his way into the NFL wearing Green and Gold. As opposed to watching Wynn flounder and Jackson chilling.

  4. lebowski Says:

    I wish the Packers hadn’t invested a second round pick in Brandon Jackson. I wish Wynn would pull his head out of his ass and live up to his potential. I wish we could use our first round pick next year on a left tackle and not a running back. I wish….

  5. 56Coop Says:

    I agree, Cowboys will not le him go. Are there any good O linemen in Oakland. I heard Al Davis has decided his whole roster is available. For that reason I believe there probably are not any good O linemen in Oakland. I gotta think that if we can get better blocking our running game has to improve at least a little; at least with Grant, although it does appear he’s lost some ability to make people miss. Would not mind seeing Jackson/Wynn gone. Still worried about backup QB also. Way too many problems with this team right now. Or maybe I’m just being too pessimistic. TT has to come to grips and realize this all cannot be fixed by the draft. We need some verteran acquisitions.

  6. lebowski Says:

    Pretty sad that the Cowboys’ third best running back would be our best, easily, huh Aaron?

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    I think the Cowboys would let him go if the offer was “Interesting”. I guess I just said why it won’t happen. TT making an interesting offer is about as realistic as “Teats on a Boar Hog”. On to our next fantasy!

  8. Ro Says:

    At this point signing or trading for anyone would be better than injured Jackson and worthless Wynn. I was really pissed when they let Sutton go with Jackson still hurt, how dumb can TT get?

  9. Andrew Andrekopoulos Says:

    Cowboy’s would never let him go and that’s against TT’s religion!
    The Pack will never be better then a 10 win one and done playoff team
    with TT!!!!

  10. Robert Greenfield Says:

    Choice reminds me of a better/younger version of Vernon Morency — remember that guy?

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