LeRoy Butler, quality insight


Read here for some high quality insight. I know at one point, Butler was a defensive consultant or something for the Packers after his playing days. But I find it hard to believe this guy isn’t coaching somewhere now. I read his 5 Questions column with jsonline every week and listen to him a fair amount on 1250 WSSP radio in Milwaukee (and now on Fox 6 TV in Milwaukee too). He not only makes sense, but he provides more insight than really anyone out there who comments on the Packers. His knowledge of the Xs and Os, defensive/offensive schemes and even player tendencies even now after his playing days helps to explain why he was such an effective safety.


4 Responses to “LeRoy Butler, quality insight”

  1. bucky Says:

    Butler sounds kind of pissed off, especially at Capers and the rest of the coaching staff.

  2. Scott W Says:

    LeRoy Butler: “If you’re the youngest team in the league again, you are rebuilding.” –Exactly, we need vets on this team who can lead and light fires under asses on the field.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i had to pass this along – best jsonline comment ever, in a post about raji wanting more playing time:

    ” ‘I don’t have slouches in front of me,” Raji said. “I have very good players in front of me that I’m trying to learn from. I’m trying to find my fit and niche.’
    etc., etc…

    P Man in San Diego
    Wednesday Oct 07, 2009 5:25 PM

    Don’t sell the line short, Raji. They are tremendous slouches.”

    now i like a good movie quote, but i think they’re usually overrated and usually a stretch. this one was perfect, and i was glad for the first time ever that i looked at the reader comments on this post.

    reminded me of the first chevy-chase caliber line i’ve seen in a long time – on a nerdy, relatively unknown (but very good) sci-fi show called ‘firefly.’ the captain says to one of his crew “Well, my days of taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.”

    it’s all about the ball bearings.

  4. AZ Warrior Says:

    Yes – Firefly was excellent.

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